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that I can take care of that?" She grasped his tie and drew him closer, until her cheek feathered against his.

Her fragrant heat filled his nostrils.

What he heard her whisper, made him harder than he ever dreamed possible.

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She was intoxicating to him; he wanted nothing more than to plunge into her until he was spent, but he also wanted this experience to last for as long as he could, his self-control took over.

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Then he whispered, Good Morning.

They got up and ate a hearty breakfast before they headed out.

When Mel showed up at the stables he met Jim the ranch foreman.

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I jumped nearly out of my skin only to hear him laugh.

Do not move,he again whispered in my ear just loud enough for me to hear over my racing heartbeat.

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We went about our business, back to the normal mother son relationship but I felt closer than ever to my gorgeous mother.

The next morning started out similar to the day before as I was stroking my morning wood as mom entered my bedroom unannounced again.

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Afterward, he told me that we needed to get that plug out of me as it had been over six hours that I have been wearing it.

He led me to the bathroom and had me bend over and reach behind me to pull it out.

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She had to know what friend of hers was such a fucking dirty slut to do something like that.

It was, however, her arousal at the thought of this dirty slut fucking Jason that surprised her the most.

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Sally’s naked body always inspired Bill with awe and lust.

Naked she was, and he was licking the lower curve of her left breast.

Every lick was in the direction of the nipple and each ended near, but not touching, it.

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I could see Alex’s cheeks, she was sucking with some passion.

Her cheeks would create deep dimples on the side of her face.

Then her tongue would come out and licked his cock-head, and also along his entire length as well.

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I closed my eyes, oblivious to my surroundings, and abandoned myself to the pleasure.

Emma was mesmerised, watching my cum dripping from my cock into a pool between my legs.

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She’ll do this for about three or so orgasms.

I became lost in doing what I love! Then my wife grabbed and twisted my nipples and used them to help her rub herself off on my face.

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He was watching me too, glancing down every now and then. Dariapage live sex totally free webcam. He held onto my hip and started to get faster. He was thrusting his cock in, it started to get harder and faster…

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My heart pounded with all the energy of a threatened animal. Websites to watch sex videos. I looked to Maja, with her arms back showing them her upper body and her ripe full breasts.

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Kiss her.

He instructed.

I wasn’t sure who he was talking to so I just leaned forward closer to the woman.

She was still hesitant, and remained still as I pressed my lips to hers.

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But, being the risk taker that I am, I said, Sure.

Sherry leaned forward as I turned in her direction.

She placed her hands on either side of my face and pressed her lips against mine.

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Hell, if I were dealing with something that small, I’m not sure how well I’d be able to hold on to it either.

Most of the time he just gives me this knowing look and his eyes seem to tell me what I want to hear – or it’s just my imagination.

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Yeah, it’s pretty bad.

I mumbled.

There’s fashion fall-out everywhere! he exclaimed, looking over his shoulder at me, a huge grin on his face.

I couldn’t help laughing at his exaggerated description of my room.

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Mack, I’m not going to clean up here.

Give me the towel to sit on in the back.

Anne, you ride up front with Mack.

They climbed into the car.

Mary sat in the back seat sideways with one leg on the floor and the other one propped up on the back of the seat in a trucker flashing pose.

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Webber if I can stay late after practice today," Jane said, flipping through my CD case.

"New CD is in the back," I said absently as my eyes scanned the crowd as she picked out a CD and popped it in.

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So I hope you can look forward to future chapters in this diary as much as I look forward to writing them! The cab pulled up in front of their home.

"Wake up my dear, we are home," he said, gently nudging the sleeping Chelsea.

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and I love guys to screw me hard from behind, not in the ass normally, though I have done that too.

" I felt stunned.

My mouth was agape and I couldn't look her in the face.

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However, after removing the towel from her head and beginning to blow dry her hair, her nerve began seeping back.

Much to Brad's delight she slowly stepped from side to side affording him ever lengthening views of her bare breasts.

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After he undressed, he sat down with us and then asked if he could say something.

Ava said that he could say or ask anything because he was with friends which made him smile.

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But the Mistress had one more secret that she was not prepared to share with anyone - not even her most trusted bulls or Daughters.

No, nobody could ever know.

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When it was over, Mike and I showered together in his palatial bathroom.

Mike could not take his eyes of my cock and soaped it up for me under the shower.

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He tried to continue using his tongue to play with her pussy and she resorted to wanking his cock a few strokes at a time.

But something wasn't working.

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She stood and walked slowly around the bed, then sat facing the window, slightly parting her legs provocatively as she slid open the single drawer of her nightstand.

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That was my best chance--when he couldn't say no. Sexy busty mature milf. It's not like your mum will give a shit."

"Yeah, but I didn't think you were serious about it!" Sarah revealed, "I thought you just meant you had a big crush on him.

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Your cock jumps inside your pants in anticipation of her cold lips on your neck, sending pulses of pleasure, through your body.

Your body remembers and your male organ hardens like quick setting concrete.

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We were both a little ‘under the influence’ and cuddled and kissed in the back seat all the way, my hand straying outrageously up my wife’s tiny skirt to caress her smooth, freshly shaven body through the microscopic panties she was wearing.

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We were both completely naked.

The lights were glaring.

He stood at the end of the couch.

I was on my back, she had her back on me, laying back on my chest.

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I was ordered to remove my pants and let my hard shaft loose to pose for the camera.

As the afternoon turned into evening, and evening into morning, and as we became more proficient with this new medium, we recorded hand jobs, cum shots, orgasms, a facial, toy insertions and masturbation sequences.

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Okay? Wait—is that lasagna I smell cooking? Turns out, Claire could cook a mean lasagna.

They offered me a piece if, in return, I agreed to throw in a foot massage for each of them before we all went to bed.

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As we kissed, I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Jenny looking intently at us with a big smile.

I couldn't resist turning towards her to give her a little peck on her cheek, but to my surprise, you not only beat me to it, but you planted a big kiss directly onto her lips.

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You know that old saying, 'this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you'? After seeing that, no one, except Prancer, gets to say that anymore.

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