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Completely free sex hook up chat lines.

They too have a prurient interest in that post-emancipation period.

Two of them are doctors, one an OB/GYN and the other a family practitioner, and the other owns a manufacturing company.

They also wanted more income to support their extravagant lifestyles. Video sex sakura.

Over the course of several months playing golf together and having long conversations over drinks at the club, we began to formulate a plan that would be sexually and financially rewarding for us.

We did a little research and learned that Mandingo cuckoldry is a pervasive, recurring theme in pornography, and there are many white couples who either participate in Mandingo parties, or who otherwise have strong fantasies about the white wives fucking well-hung black men. Nastylora free lesbian sex chat cam.


It seemed that those days in the late 1800s of having secretive interracial sex, had morphed to the point in our modern culture where white husbands encourage their wives to take black cocks, and even participate in it.

We learned that while there may have been some white guilt involved, one of the main drivers for the white, small-dicked husbands is being aroused by the humiliation and feelings of submissiveness that they experience while watching and participating in their wives being aggressively fucked and totally satisfied by superior black lovers with huge cocks. Casual sex cave city.

Another perspective is that some of those white husbands with latent bisexual or gay tendencies wanted to, whether consciously or subconsciously, vicariously experience having sex with a black man by watching their wives being fucked.


And of course, for the wives, they mostly want to experience being thoroughly sexed by strong black men, who make aggressive love to the women in ways that their husbands won’t or can’t do. Porno chat pro ansroid.

Most of the white couples insist on the wives being fucked bareback, whether the wife is on birth control or not, just for the risk-fantasy of being impregnated by Negro seed.

Some of them were actually trying to be impregnated by their black lovers.

We learned that there is a lucrative market for Mandingo-party-themed porn videos, with even greater demand for videos that portray the white wives being impregnated, which gives the ultimate humiliation and arousal to the cuckold husbands. Mom shows son how to fuck.

All four of us in our little group were aroused by the idea of exploiting white couples for our enjoyment and financial benefit.


We were anxious to fuck and breed some pretty white wives with their tight little pussies.

We knew that typical Mandingo parties involved single, black men in their twenties, usually fucking older, out of shape women. Chat sex for free for mindanao.

The author of one story I read made the comment that those white party wives typicallylooked more like Kathy Bates than Kathy Ireland’.

My friends and I wanted to take a different approach, and establish a club where we, as middle-aged, handsome, and very fit black men, fucked younger, prettier white wives, in hopes of impregnating them, all while being filmed on video. Spy cam voyeur sexchat.

We decided to call ourselves the ‘Mandingo Breeders Club’, a name that we would not share with others, except for Maddy, and would use the initials ‘MBC’ when we wanted to secretly communicate about it.


I have an old barn on my property that I refurbished to be a guest house, with a small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and game room. Indian live adult webcam.

It was designed to mimic the architecture and furnishings of the colonial/plantation era.

I even left part of the barn untouched, in anticipation of some barnyard Mandingo sex scenes.

My wife, Maddy, is the only one of our wives who is aware of our plans. Rileylovesu k?zlarsexs gor.

She has somewhat of a dislike of whites, and she thought it was a kind of sweet justice to give some of those white couples black babies.

She also has a Mandinka blood-line, and she is as some would describe, a real Mandingette.

She is a pretty, tall, and husky, with a large, protruding ass and huge breasts, which I think are 40GGs.

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In her mind, I would never have a reason to stray from her emotionally, due to our love for one another and her voluptuous body.

She even planned to get involved when it was appropriate.

The stated purpose to outsiders for the barn was to use it when I had friends over to play poker and when we had out-of-town friends or family visiting. Xxx sex video online play.

My partners all contributed to the purchase of high-end sound and video equipment to record our Mandingo sessions, and I also have concealed cameras in all the rooms to record the overall activities.

We all contributed to the effort in other ways as well, in our own specialty areas. Sexy jennie.

I prepared iron-clad legal documents that all participants would be required to sign, as well as providing the barn for our activities.


The agreement states that they're participating of their own free will, and even though we will not be wearing protection, we the MBC, are not legally responsible for any pregnancies. Webcam girl courtney clark.

Mitchell, the OB/GYN doctor is responsible for examining and testing all the women for diseases, and Sam, the family doctor, tests the men.

Lionel, the business owner, is responsible for the business end of making deals with various porn publishing companies to purchase our videos. Sweetfoxy9 kerala staff garls sex videos.

And finally, each of us is responsible for finding white couples to take part.

The first couple of weeks went pretty well, although I hadn’t personally been able to find any couples.

We were breeding those white sluts an average of four nights a week, and even though Maddy was home some of those nights, she had not gotten involved yet.

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Mitchell convinced one of his white nurses and her husband to join the party; Sam found willing, white couples on Craigslist; and Lionel found out that one of the white accounting clerks in his office was anxious to try black cock.

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