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I rewound the video a little bit, zoomed in, zoomed out; there was no denying it.

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was her father.

A few days after Regina’s experience with the big cummerin her dorm room, she had a surprise encounter with him in a study room in the basement of the college library.

It was after 9:00 PM and she was getting ready for an exam. Group sex chat.

There were several study rooms in the basement.

They had originally been offices.

Each room had a few old sofas, some chairs, lamps, and a study desk.

Regina saw John, the big cummer,sitting on a sofa in one of the rooms.

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He was studying.

She knew if she went in it would lead to a flirtatious encounter and possibly much more.

Regina entered the room and turned a desk chair around to face John.

She moved the chair close to him.

As she approached him, John looked up and they both smiled. Roberta mancino sex.

Both of them liked what they saw.

It was a warm spring evening and both were dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

Regina immediately started talking to John, making engaging eye contact and being very flirtatious.

She was wearing a tight white t-shirt without a bra. Big tits webcams.

John took it all in, every bit of her.

He stared at her sexy legs, long lovely hair, beautiful face, lovely tits that were pushing out against her tight t-shirt, and of course her dick-sucking mouth.


Just as he was taking it all in, she looked him over completely, thinking about his boner in her mouth the last time she saw him. Sex chat services.

Regina thought about the incredible cum load he shot into her mouth.

She wondered if he could do that again.

Regina’s tits and nipples, trying to burst through her tight t-shirt, were a lust-inspiring image for John. Mylittlerain video porno.

While his eyes focused on her luscious tits and nipples, his mind was filled with thoughts of her sucking his dick.

His brain replayed the magnificent blow job from Regina. Male feet webcam.

He pictured his dick in her mouth and her gasping, moaning, sucking, swallowing, and licking while she gave him the most intense sexual pleasure he had ever had.


John remembered his dick in Regina’s mouth had also given her authentic sexual excitement and caused her to have an orgasm. Free rutland vermont hookers fuckin.

Regina became more and more aroused thinking about John’s dick in her mouth.

Her nipples became increasingly engorged and gradually protruded through her tight, tit-clinging, braless t-shirt.

She felt like her body was radiating heat. Webcam girl devils gang.

Her sexual arousal is often a full body experience.

It begins in her mind, with thoughts of her sexual desire and then it’s felt throughout her body.

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