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Fuck It!! As Annie moaned and fucked me back, I began to feel my balls tighten again for the fourth time that night and then began to add another load into her already well fucked pussy.

As I was cumming deep in her cunt, I felt her asshole contract around my fingers and felt her tight cunt muscles rhythmically milk my cock as she came again. Webcam show porn.

Afterwards, Annie leaned forward giving me a great view of her cunt with my dick still in it and cum leaking around my softening cock.

Annie moaned, It felt so good Rob.

Mmm, I love being your fuck slut wife, Ohh God I love fucking you.

Annie moved off of me and turned around on the bed and snuggled up to my side and kissed my ear as she softly said, I had three cocks in me at the same time tonight and I felt so full, so fucking full.

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It was wonderful Rob.

You all fucked me so good tonight.

We lay in bed together for another few minutes without saying a word just enjoying the feel of each other.

Then Annie once again started stroking my soft cock and very softly said, Rob, I want to do it again too. Porno online big milf.

Do what Annie? I teased her.

I want to go out again wearing my ankle bracelet.

So you can fuck more guys? I asked… Uh huh, I loved it Rob.

I love fucking and I love being your hot fuck slut wife.

Annie, you are a fucking slut you know it.

Mmm, yes I know, She softly moaned as sleep was about to overtake her. Hot and sexy kittens.

Annie? I asked.

Huh, she sleepily moaned.

I want you to do it again too, I said.


Mmmm, I will, my wife softly said as she fell into an exhausted sleep.

White sheets, Wide spread legs My finger inside you Wet sheets Exhausted look My finger made you come A knock on the door Our neighbours heard everything My beach is beckoning. Wwwsweetwww webcam onlain free.

The tide is swimming out.

Seagulls soar above, calling out our names.

With sand beneath my feet, gazing out to sea, seaspray carries a kiss from your lips to me.

Tides ebb and flow.

Each day more will follow from my lips to yours, wrapped in a memory or two. Fuck older women molesey.

On our sandy paradise, hearts full of longing.

Salty breeze on our faces, while our tides turn again.

This long passionate kiss; I will only need one.


One day, I will gift you.

You will know it's from me.

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I was already in a bad mood that day and it didn’t help matters that I was running late for work. Foxycute bangladeshi girls live webcam.

I sped through town, rushing every stop light and stop sign to ensure I’d make it there within the allotted grace period – not that there actually is one.

Anyways, I made it in just in time to slip by my boss and into my desk.


Awesome part of that – he hadn’t noticed I was ten minutes late. Lesbian 24 hiur webcam.

That heightened my mood a bit, but I was still mad that Aly wanted to play knowing that I was going to be late for work.

And to make matters worse, I gave in to her unrelenting request.

But when I noticed I only had a few minutes to get ready, I pulled out of her and went straight for the shower, leaving her without an orgasm. Animales porno us.

Needless to say, she was pretty pissed off about that.

What the fuck, Mike?! You didn’t make me cum yet! Aly screamed at me as I got into the shower.

I don’t wanna be late for work, baby! I chimed back, hearing the bathroom door open as I presumed she walked in. Live hot webcam.


Yeah, but you didn’t finish the job and now I’m aching, baby! It’s not the same without you deep inside me… she continued to whine as I began washing my body, willing my hard cock to go down so I could finish showering comfortably.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to finish the job and make her cum, but I just didn’t have the time. Asian sex cam video.

I know, baby, but you know that I can’t be late again.

She was beginning to piss me off.

I just wanted to shower and get my ass to work.

I would definitely give her what she wanted when I got home, but for the moment, she had to get off my back and let me do what I have to do. Pitrss3366 xxx videos janwake sex.

But I was close to cumming…can you at least make me cum real quick?

Please? She continued to pressure and pester me, further pissing me off.

I’ll take care of you when I get home.

I can’t be late and all you want is to get off, so either get yourself off or just wait! Mega boobs webcam. I was beginning to fume.

But, baby! I cum so much harder with you.

I’m gonna have that aching need all day… she said as she kept whining.

Thank God, my shower was just about done.

Yes, we’ve established this, but I have to get to work.

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