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They both nodded again, they seemed to be coming to our side.

So you love your sister Brett? Bob asked.

Yes I do, very much, Brett replied.

Likely story, but you two forgot, you can't get away with anything, we had our eyes on you two the whole time and we know you both were horny from watching porn together and then you two fucked each other right then and there didn't you? Fuck gallery mature young. And now you two are fucking right and left aren't you, don't deny it, Gabriela said in a fast and accusing tone.

Then we all had a weird look on our faces, what the hell was that? Nothing, not even a small chuckle? Gabriela asked.

Sorry, it was just unexpected, I replied. Adult webcam hack list.

I knew we'd probably laugh about it later though, it was a tiny bit funny.

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Well, cool then.

So you two did it and then decided to not have it just be a one time thing? Gabriela asked.

Yes, pretty much, now we're just hanging out doing it, Brett replied.

OK then, well one of you should move into the others room then. Woman sexual attraction signs.

You can have sex whenever you want in there and don't gotta just do it at night anymore, Bob said.

Then we both looked at each other for a minute.

Well I suppose we could now, I said in a unenthusiastic tone.

They were a little confused, of course they thought we'd be happy to hear them say that. Sex arab on line.

We thought you'd be happy about that, don't you wanna move into the same bedroom? Do it at noon rather than midnight? Gabriela asked.

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Well, call us crazy if you want, but we think a big reason why we've been doing it for so long, was because it was us sneaking around and it being forbidden. Horny sex chat rooms.

So we don't know if the sex will be as hot now honestly, I replied.

They understood where we were coming from, so they made a suggestion.

Well, there is only one way to find out, go have sex, right now, Bob said.

We looked at each other for a minute, we weren't sure what to say. Sexy cum filled pussy pictures.

OK then I guess, Brett replied.

Well we're not forcing you, just suggesting it, obviously if you two if you wanna be serious about each other, then go find out if the sex is gonna be hot now that we know, Bob said.

Then I tried to read between the lines a bit, I wondered if they really didn't want us together.

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Are you upset that we're brother and sister just having sex? Brett asked.

Then he took a deep breath.

Well, a little.

I mean we're happy for you two, don't get us wrong, but this seems more like just another fling that's just gonna go nowhere.

We're not impatient and don't expect a wedding or baby from either of you even in the near future. Fuck pussy dildo online chat.

You know we want you to be happy, but if you are not serious about this relationship, then this will just make you happy for now, but not forever.

If you get serious, then it'll last forever, that's what we're getting at, Gabriela replied.

Well, I guess we need to go test that theory then, come on Brett, I said as I got up.

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Then he took my hand, we went to my bedroom and shut the door.

We both laid down on the bed and gave each other a kiss as we both were on our sides.

I guess we did need to have a talk.

If I did get pregnant, would you truly wanna raise the baby with me? I asked. Tamil latest sex chat.

Yes of course, you are my sister and I love you more than anything else in the world, Brett replied.

But would you want it though, would you be unhappy by time our baby was 5, 10 or 25? I asked.

Then he gave me another hug and kiss, I guess we were both seeing that our parents had a point. Sunny leone live webcam.

I don't know honestly, maybe we should stop this before it does get serious, we've had some really good sex and so maybe that's best for now, Brett replied.

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Then that dawned on me.

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