Tinychat sex rooms.

Tinychat sex rooms.

I finally pulled his legs back over my shoulders and began sucking his soft cock again.

He pushed me away after a couple of minutes, and said, Whoa, man, whoa, I can’t take anymore right now.

You seem to be hungry for more, though, so you can get to work on Joe and Dave. Www pornochatgratis com.

Joe had already taken off his pants and underwear and was sitting on the table next to Ken.

I just scooted over between his legs, and began sucking his meat.

His cock is circumcised, was already hard, very thick, and maybe seven and a half inches long.

Even though it isn’t as big as Ken’s, it's still a respectable piece of fuck meat. Chubby fucks pig.

He must have been excited, from watching what I did with Ken, and he filled my mouth with cum in only about five minutes.


Then I didn’t have to move his legs for him, as he pulled them back, exposing his balls and ass to me.

I sucked him down there like I did for Ken, for at least fifteen minutes. Fre web cam sex.

Next, I gave the full, sucking treatment to Dave, whose cock is thick, uncircumcised, and I’m guessing a little over eight inches long.

By the time I finished with Dave, all of us were pretty much sober and ready to go home.

The men were almost giddy as we talked about everything I had done for them. Muscle girl webcam porn.

Dave stepped off to the side and was pissing to empty his bladder of beer piss, in full view of everyone, and that gave me an idea of something I wanted to try.

I loved the feeling of a strong stream of cum shooting into my mouth, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like if a man pissed into my mouth.

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I was still watching Dave and his strong stream of beer piss splashing on the ground, when Ken said, Holy fucking shit, Steve, everything you did felt so wonderful, but you have to admit that you're one nasty son of a bitch.

I’m not complaining, and I have to wonder if there’s anything else you’d like to do. Play free online sex games.

They looked at me like I was a sick fuck when I replied, Watching Dave over there, I have been wondering what it would feel and taste like to have you piss in my mouth.

I read somewhere that piss is basically sterile when it comes fresh from a disease-free cock on a healthy man. Women in sedlescombe who wants to fucks now.

I like the feeling and taste of cum shooting into my mouth, and I can’t help but think about it.


Ken smiled as he pulled down his zipper and said, Well, fuck, Steve, I need to piss too, before we hit the road, and I’ll help you out.

But I’m not stopping once it starts, so you’d better be thirsty. Georgia live chat sex.

I’ve had three beers this afternoon, and only pissed once previously.

And you’d fucking sure better not spit it out on my pants either.

Come over here and get on your knees, boy, and you can find out if you like it.

I got onto my knees in front of Ken, as Joe and Dave watched, and took his soft, thick cock into my mouth. Rec webcam shows scarlettandtom.

I was looking up at him, and he seemed to be concentrating to get the flow started, and then I felt his cock jerk a little as he said, ‘Ahh fuck, here it comes, boy, you’d better swallow fast.


There was no way that I knew what to expect, and I was surprised when his strong stream of beer piss flooded my mouth. Telugu sex chat free.

It really didn’t taste that bad, and even a little like beer, and I swallowed constantly.

All of men were looking down and laughing at me as I struggled to swallow Ken’s urine.

He kept pissing for what seemed like a minute and a half to me, and when he was finished, I began sucking his cock again. Live sex chat group.

I felt like I had swallowed at least a pint of his piss, and I wanted more cum.

I continued sucking Ken’s cock as it hardened, and he said, Damn, boy, you sure are hungry.

Just keep sucking and I think I might be able to work up another load for you.


It was a little uncomfortable on my knees, but I sucked him for fifteen minutes before he ejaculated and fed me another load of his tasty cum. Carmen505 sexygirl free mobile.

Then I sucked off Joe and Dave again, before we left for home, and Joe pissed in my mouth after his ejaculation.

The next weekend, two more of the members, Jimmy and Clarence, showed up at the flying field, in addition to Ken, Joe, and Dave, and it was obvious that Ken or one of the others had told the men about me. Aplikasi webcham sex live.

I didn’t get to fly at all that day, since I was busy giving suck jobs to all five of the men, at least twice each, and three times for two of them.

Three of them also used me as a urinal, and I had to take frequent piss breaks myself to get rid of all the fluids.

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After those first two weekends, two more members who had been inactive returned to the club, and there were then seven men who used my mouth on a regular basis.

At first, all of them didn’t want to be sucked off every time we were at the flying field.

But after things settled down, most of the men wanted me to suck them off at least once each time we were together. Free sex chat hd.

I also visited Ken, Joe and Dave at their homes when they needed of some relief, and Joe even sucked me off every couple of weeks.

Now, five years later, there are twelve members in the club.

I am kept so busy taking care of all their sexual needs, that I seldom get a chance to fly my airplanes.

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A couple of years ago a young couple moved into the same street as me.

Tinychat sex rooms.