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Female fuck buddies coylton.

Pam and I are beginning to feel aroused as his fingers slipped in the back of our bikini bottoms.

When he finishes, it is our turn.

Okay, Bruce, now it is our turn, I say, squirting lotion onto my palm and then onto Pam’s palm.

Pam and I rub the lotion onto his back, massaging as we move downward. Free nude live sex.

Our fingers find their way in the back of Bruce’s trunks and we massage his butt cheeks as we each slide our other hand around to his chest and tease his nipples with our fingers.

Girls, this is not fair.

If you want to play this game, then remove your tops. Kira reed sex.

When Bruce says that, I look at Pam wide eyes and mouth open.


She does not hesitate and removes her top.

Pam, what are you doing? I am removing my top, Connie.

You should too, we are at a nude beach after all.

Looking closer at our surroundings, I see a couple of women lying on their backs with their tops off. Porno aria aleksandr.

There are two naked guys running to the water, their hard-ons bouncing around with each stride.

I remove my top, letting the sun warm my skin.

Pam takes the bottle of suntan lotion and squirts a liberal amount across my chest and then across her chest.

Both of us reach out at the same time and spread the lotion over one another’s ample breasts.

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People walk by, watching as Pam and I massage the lotion into the supple flesh.

Bruce is watching us and those walking by as Pam teases my nipples with her fingers.

I follow her lead, teasing her nipples to hardness.

I feel my nipples get stiff under her touch. Sexy chinese slut orgasm on webcam.

For that brief moment, Pam and I are in our own world when Bruce interrupts us… Ahem, girls.

I think you should stop now.

We come back to reality and notice several couples have stopped to watch.

When Pam and I look in their direction, they smile, then continue on to where ever they were going before they decided to stop and watch.

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Bruce dear, would you be so kind and sit behind Connie? Of course, honey.

Bruce moves behind me and as he positions himself, he parts his legs.

I scoot back so that I am as close to him as possible.

Pam hands the bottle of lotion to him and sits back to watch as Bruce squirts the lotion into his cupped hand. Nicoleblack live sex chatting with indian aunty in india.

Ready, sweetie? Bruce whispers in my ear.

I hold my breath, waiting for Bruce to touch me with his strong and gentle hands.

Oooh, that feels good, I say as Bruce rubs his hands on my stomach, spreading the lotion over my skin.


Moving his hands in small circles, one hand moves down and the other moves up. Karolynesquir hotel sex live chat.

Oh no, Bruce, here in public? I moan in a whisper.

Yes, my dear, watch those who watch us.

I glance over at Pam and I can see a wet spot on her bikini bottom.

I look around and see people watching as Bruce slides his fingers inside my bikini bottom, his other hand kneading my breast. Sex bath bomb in water.

Bruce slides a finger in my wet slit, fucking me as we watch our audience.

It does not take long and my body tells Bruce I am about to come.

Yes, Connie, come for everyone and do not hold back.


Let them see and hear your pleasure.

At that moment, my head falls back against Bruce as my body trembles and I moan out… Oh yes, I’m cumming! Sex cam video chat. Those who are watching return to what they were doing and I look over at Pam who is now naked.

Come on Connie, lose those bottoms and let’s go cool off, Pam says as she takes my hand, helping me to my feet.

I undo the side ties, pull the bottoms off and toss them at Bruce. Cam sex 18.

He holds them to his face and takes a deep breath, inhaling my scent.

Mmm, lovely, Bruce says as he rises to his feet.

See you in the water, Bruce! Pam and I shout as we dart off with Bruce scurrying to remove his trunks to join us.


Pam and I hit the water running, splashing each other. Cyber sex chatbot.

We swim out to where the water is just below our tits.

Watching Bruce run toward us, Pam and I giggle at the sight of his stiff cock bouncing all around with each stride.

When Bruce reaches us, he smiles and takes a breath.

Going under, Pam suddenly lets out a gasp… Aahh. Sister brother cam sex.

What’s up Pam, I say, knowing all too well.

Oh God, Connie, he is licking my pussy! I move behind Pam, and just as I am about to reach around, Bruce comes up for air.

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