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She is at the edge.

An unmitigated scream declares now that she is there.

Over the edge, but still falling.

Her voice is stretched by the resonant, growling bellow she is filling the room with.

I expect it to end momentarily, but it doesn’t.

She is shaking against the wall from the potency of her orgasm. Cfnm webcam.

Emily is vibrating on the floor.

She’s fucking herself now, too.

So close.

I can tell she is right there too.

She moves like a myth – serpentine, sensuous, seductive.

Through all of this, Xandra is still gyrating against the wall.

She clearly doesn’t care at all how she looks and is simply immersing herself in as much pleasure as she can. Chubby webcam sex.

That’s a whole other kind of hot.

The redhead on the floor is doing a bit of gyrating of her own, but she’s still getting off on giving us a show while she pleases herself.


This is beautiful.

I wish I could experience what she is feeling.

She is writhing about the cold tile now, but she is still doing it as gracefully as possible. Sophyaalma 1on1 sex live privat.

Or at least as gracefully as is reasonable.

What happens now seems to surprise everyone, even Xandra.

For a moment her scream is winding down, but is then interrupted by a choked gasp and restarts at maximum volume.

Without any real warning, Xandra thrusts her hips forward mid-orgasm, and a wide stream of hot, clear liquid erupts from her pussy. Women memphis wanting sex.

She does it over and over, and it isn’t until the fourth time that it is any less intense than the first.

Most of her cum lands on Emily, but some of it reaches me.


I slide my hand through the drops on my leg and then stroke my cock with the slick fluid. Virtual sex cheating.

Reacting to what is happening above her, on her, and to her, Emily contorts herself into a variety of impressive positions.

She is undergoing a violent orgasm.

Her movements are even bordering on convulsion.

Seconds that pass like minutes while by as she thrashes about the floor. Ful sex cams.

I can tell from the visible twitching of her pussy that she is clenching and spasming internally.

Xandra is only now starting to come down from her orgasm.

She falls to her knees, joining her friend on the floor.

Both of them are crying now, completely ecstatic. Free sex room chat.

Tears of ecstasy turn me on to a not insignificant extent, even if I wasn’t the direct cause.


I am in paradise.

At least, I appear to be.

A small voice in me is still questioning what is happening here.

Questioning why there are such nice toys laying around a disused group shower in a locker room behind a locker room in a basement, but, it is a rapidly diminishing voice… More and more I like this place. Olivia culpo sex video.

That feels wrong, and like a dangerous prospect.

Then again… ‘wrong and dangerous’ can be very alluring.

Em’s whole body was buzzing.

At that particular point she was midway through a two-hour massage at a discreet little spa on a Thai island where she was staying on an extended business trip. Naruto fucking sakura.

It was a place a new girlfriend had recommended.

It catered only for women.


Em had asked for a masseuse this time but she thought she might go back for a masseur later.

Being massaged naked by a man was very special, especially if the man was also naked. Sex chat bongacams.

While she was waiting for her masseuse to come and collect her to take her to her room for her massage, another woman, a tourist judging by her halter top and short denim skirt, had been collected from the waiting room by her masseur.

Em noticed that he was a big, powerfully built man. Big boobs webcam video.

The woman was in her mid-thirties, blonde (at least visibly) and well endowed inside her straining halter.

She had given a nervous but pleased smile and poked her tongue out to moisten her lips when she saw her masseur’s physique.

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