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Katrina235 goth sex chat.

That was such an intense experience! I’d been ass fucking Yvonne for quite a while before Patrick and Kelly arrived.

First, she was on her back with her ass at the edge of the bed and her knees toward her head.

Then she wanted to try doggie style.

I was on my feet squatting on her ass pumping away like a monkey fucking a coconut! Fuck buddies los gatos. We had ended up in the position where Patrick and Kelly found us.

Yvonne had been talking as we fucked how much she wanted two cocks down there at once.

Patrick’s timing was perfect! We came apart into a pile.

Kelly climbed up with us.

We started to talk about our night. Sexy latina posing naked.

My evening had begun with Yvonne showing me a hot water bottle with a hose and a dildo-looking thing on the end of it.


She’d had an enema earlier and gave me one.

Okay, that was weird, but I get it.

Then we showered together.

I masturbated her to orgasm.

She stroked my cock to full size and then sucked me for a few minutes. Kannda sexy girls chat.

We ended up in bed and started kissing.

That turned into something unexpected.

We kissed and made out very, very lovingly.

We ended up laying there kissing for damn near an hour.

We rolled over and Yvonne parted her knees.

I slid in, never breaking our kiss. Amateur webcam bdsm.

We made beautiful love to each other.

We moved slowly for a long, long time.

I reached a climax.

Yvonne caught my groan in her mouth.

We stayed until my limp cock slid out of her.

My baby juice leaked out.

When we finally got up, there was a huge wet spot in the bed.

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We watched TV for some time.

We didn’t say much.

We both knew we had been making love to each other this evening, it wasn’t sex.

We found a comedy and the mood changed some.

As we relayed our story to Kelly and Patrick, we talked in terms of sex, not love. Moon township horny moms sex.

After the mood had lightened up between Yvonne and me, she brought out the long, skinny vibrator she had bought at the porn shop.

She said, I bought this for your butt.

I wasn’t too sure about that? She said she’d stop immediately if it hurt.

She had me lay on my back. Sex dating in blaine tennessee.

She had her bottle of lube out.

She dribbled it on my cock and balls.

She had me hug my knees to my chest and then dribbled more on my ass crack.


She used both hands to slick me up all over.

Then she used both hands to massage my cock.

It felt wonderful and I got hard quickly. No charge sex site.

Then she moved fingers down my crack.

She told me to concentrate and relax my sphincter.

Her finger was right on my hole.

It took a minute but I figured out how to do it.

Her finger slid in much more easily than in the past.

She was really working to open me up. Woman to fuck birnamwood.

Then she moved the vibrator, while off, up and down my crack, teasing my hole.

Her finger came out and the vibrator went in.

The vibrator was much longer than her finger.

I was apprehensive, she backed it out halfway and turned it on low.

That was a very odd feeling! Fashenistt sex vidio download.

She started to fuck me with it slowly.

It was feeling better.

She turned it up to medium and started to stroke my cock with her other hand.

It was feeling really good now! Yvonne was really getting into it with me.

She flicked it to high.

Oh, shit! That was about ten times more than medium. Blackmailed for sex fetish.

Damn! Yvonne got on her knees and slid up to my crotch.

She used her thigh to hold the vibrator shoved all the way into my ass, dribbled a bunch more lube on my cock and started jacking me hard with both hands.

I was over the edge! I grabbed my cock with my right-hand thumb and index finger and clamped my cock, just below the head, with all my strength. Meet hot women no credit cards and fuck them.


My orgasm continued to build.

When I released my cock, I spurt five huge shots.

Two of them shot over the top of my head onto the carpet.

Katrina235 goth sex chat.