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I don't know.

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The engine was ablaze! Don't worry, Sir.

I spoke as calmly as I could, my training coming to the fore, The pilots will be aware and able to take care of that.

I drew the curtain across the window and walked quickly to the cockpit, totally aware that the passenger would have drawn it back again as soon as my back was turned. Webcamfree no login.

As I suspected, the pilots were well aware of the situation and I entered just as the first officer, who had now returned to his seat on the right, pulled the fire lever at the command of Captain Anderson, and feathered the propeller.

He looked out of his side window and back at the slowing propeller. Hd porno solo masturbation big ass sexy.

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Ah, Karen, could you go back and just check that the fire is extinguished, it looks like it is.

Without another word I returned to the cabin and looked through the same large, panoramic window as before.

There was a lot of smoke and the propeller had now stopped turning but I could no longer see any fire. Babys-hot chaturbate free adult webcams video chat.

The passenger who had called me looked panic stricken.

Don't worry, the fire is out now.

We are quite safe.

I reassured him.

He smiled weakly and nodded.

I returned to the cockpit, not bothering to draw the curtain across again.

I can't see any flames.

I said to neither in particular, nor can I see any damage to the nacelle or wing. Video chat random sex.

The first officer turned to me.

Thank you, Karen.

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We will have to divert to the nearest airfield and get his thing down asap.

I nodded that I understood.

I will tell the passengers.

Ladies and Gentlemen.

I announced, on returning to the cabin, Your attention please. Live china sex video.

Due to a technical problem with the aircraft the Captain has decided to divert to the nearest airfield.

There is no cause for alarm, and the diversion is purely in the interest of safety.

Please fasten you safety belts now until we land.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me. Anal demonstration sex.

I returned the handset to its cradle on the wall and began to walk down the aisle, checking that each passenger had fastened his or her belt.

No, Madam, we can fly normally on one engine, and, Yes sir, the DC-3 is a very stable and safe aeroplane.

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the questions were incessant. Tamanna bhatia sex scene.

I am sorry for the delay sir, I am sure the airline will get you to your destination as soon as possible, No, sir, I am afraid I cannot give any further information at this stage.

And so it went, almost every passenger had a question and quite understandably most were worried. Perverted stories porno.

I finally reached the last row of seats at the rear of the cabin.

Would you fasten your seat belt please sir.

I requested the man in seat twenty-four.

No, he replied, It is uncomfortable and, quite frankly, unnecessary.

I took a deep breath and asked again. Chat webcam arabic.

It is for your safety, Sir, and that of the other passengers so please, if you would.

? Now look here.

he began to protest but was stopped in his tracks.

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Just do as you are damn well told for once can't you?! the voice came from behind me, from seat twenty-five. What is kinky sex.

I beg your pardon?! the businessman looked aghast, Just who do you think.

! Shut up you arrogant little man.

Do as you are told and fasten your belt.

Her job is difficult enough without you making it more difficult! His jaw dropped but he did as he was told when his colleague put his hand on his arm and nodded for him to behave. Total free live sex chat.

Thank you, Sir.

I said as politely as I could then turned to Jemima.

I was about to tell her I was quite capable of dealing with arrogant male passengers but when I saw the fear in her eyes I couldn't be angry.

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