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I began to thrust harder, passion rising within me as it had the first time my wife had been unfaithful, my cock churning the juices within her into a foam around its base.

Faster and faster I thrust, feeling her hands on my chest, then my sides, then my back. Candy69 porno shat video.

Please… no more… she begged and I felt her clamp down on my cock as hard as her exhausted, stretched vagina would allow as if desperately trying to bring me to a climax quickly.

There was a look of pain on her lovely face and I knew I had to end it soon – but that was a foregone conclusion anyway. Lorena_25 live cam sex videos.

I lowered my mouth to her pretty face and kissed her hard on the lips, thrusting my tongue between her teeth; seeing her eyes widen at the unfamiliar taste of her own copulation passing from my mouth to hers.


It was enough.

A knot appeared in the small of my back and fire burned my inner thighs as my own orgasm overtook me and I began to ejaculate in my wife’s wet, slimy, gaping vagina, adding my own contribution to the pool of semen that was still inside her vagina and by now had probably seeped into her womb too where I silently prayed this time no egg would be waiting. Indian live sex show.

For a minute or two, my cock throbbed as it delivered its hot, sticky cargo into her flaccid, spent body then seeing her exhaustion, I withdrew, kneeling between her limp thighs, above which an angry red gash now throbbed and glowed.

I kissed her once on the tummy, then once on each battered breast, then on her forehead before rolling onto the sticky, semen-encrusted sheet alongside her and enfolding her in my arms.

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Alice’s eyes were closed.

Thank you… she began but her voice trailed away.

I hugged her tightly, feeling her fit, athletic body lying limply against mine, her legs against my legs, her tummy against my flaccid, sticky cock.

I love you, Hotwife Alice, I whispered into her blonde hair. Pashto sexy girls beauti ful nude pics.

Then I fell asleep.

There was very little traffic on the road that morning as Carmen drove us back to the airport.

Alice dozed in the back seat, her pretty head leaning against the window, her eyes closed.

I had washed, dressed and packed as quickly and quietly as I could so as to let my exhausted wife sleep as long as possible. Free mature sexual shaved pussy video.

There had simply been no time for post-mortem discussions about the incredible fucking Mitch had given her but no doubt she would be more forthcoming when we had returned home and both her mind and her body had recovered a little.


When I had finally woken her with a cup of tea, Alice had been tired and dreamy but had greeted me with a pained smile. Gillian ireland sexy.

Thank you, she said, taking the hot mug from me.

How do you feel? I asked lamely.

I’m not sure yet, she said blinking, very, very tired and very, very stiff.

I took her hands and helped her sit up in bed then swivel until she was perched on the edge of the mattress with her feet on the floor. Dopaminovaya livesex greek.

She yelped under her breath as the rough edge of the divan rasped against her sore vulva.

Jesus! she exclaimed, holding her bottom away from the sheet with her hands just how many times did I get fucked last night? She was grinning and I suspected the question was rhetorical but answered it anyway.

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At least four times to my knowledge – five including me.

I smiled, who needs Steve? Oh my God! she flushed with embarrassment, And Carmen…? She’s fine.

She’s in the kitchen making us a bit of breakfast, but we don’t have a lot of time to catch the plane. Kinkynikky uk lesbain sex chat free.

I’ve packed most of our stuff but… Alice took my hand and rose unsteadily to her feet.

I’ll be as quick as I can, she said then to my surprise kissed me directly on the lips, I think we just moved into a new phase of our life, don’t you? If it’s as exciting as the last phase then I’m all for it! Sexy petite ebony teen. I said only half jokingly.

I watched her stumble across to the en suite bathroom.

As she took off the remnants of her red dress - which now surely would have to go in the bin - I could clearly see the marks on her sweet body of the comprehensive fucking that she had enjoyed.

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There were dark rings around her pretty eyes and several dark hickeys were beginning to develop on her neck and breasts as well as on and around her badly bruised vulva, from which her inner lips and clitoris still protruded obscenely.

Both were an angry red colour and I noticed her wince when she dried herself down there after her shower. Bisexual hangouts in northern virginia.

I couldn’t help but wonder what her body would look like when we went to bed at home that night, and what signs of her latest infidelity would be visible to me – and possibly to anyone else with an imagination – over the coming week.

During our brief breakfast, Alice had said little and eaten less, still completely exhausted. Threesome sex party.


Despite being so very tired and achy, she had still automatically dressed sexily in a short sun dress and heels.

Unsurprisingly, Carmen mentioned nothing at all about her and my encounter in her bedroom and the climax I had given her.

Was she ashamed of what we did? Realblackexposed she takes every inch of ebony porno. Afraid Steve might find out? Pretending it hadn’t happened? I couldn’t tell but only half an hour late, we drew out of the apartment’s gateway and headed off towards the airport.

As the hard, dry landscape flashed past us I saw her looked at my wife in the rear view mirror as if checking she was asleep. Fire-fox sex chat on cam.

I smiled at Alice’s innocent-looking face.

It’s really good of you to take us to the airport, I said, we could easily have caught a taxi.


With Slutwife Alice in this state? she asked, I need to see you both safely to your plane.

Are you going straight back home afterwards? Canli yabanci sex cam. I asked Carmen.

I’ll go for a coffee or two then Steve’s plane is due in, she smiled.

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