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Seth scowled.

Where the hell did you get that? I hope you didn’t steal it, Fyre.

I traded it for a diamond, Remi answered, looking insulted.

Seth glared at him.

And where the hell did you steal a diamond from? Rowie rolled her eyes as Remi huffed in indignation. Ebony anal webcams compilation.

I didn’t steal any diamond.

I did this.

He strode over to the side of the road and grabbed a big black rock.

His hands ignited as he pressed his palms together over the rock.

When the fire faded, he opened his palms with a proud grin.

He held a sparkling diamond in his hand. Mirinka2016 usa online sex wap.

He tossed it to Rowie.

Here, babe.

Another one for the collection.

Zak snorted.


And here we were roughing it.


Remi chuckled.

We’ve already had two houses.

I was going to get a cruiser, but it’s not allowed past the eastern border.

He strode back to his Silver Whisper and retrieved a dark green cube. Nicole sheridan porno.

I’ve got this, though.

And what the hell is that? Seth asked.

Remi grinned mischievously.

You’ll see tonight when we camp out.

I figure it’s about four more days of traveling until we reach Lumar’s kingdom.

Zak strode over to Rowie and kissed her cheek.

How’re you holding up? Teen fucks black creampie interracial. he asked, smoothing his hand over her pregnant belly.

It wiggled and rolled beneath his palm, mesmerizing him.

I still haven’t gotten used to all the action in there.

I’m really anxious to get this whole pregnancy thing done and over with, she sighed, looking tired.

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Every protective, dominant instinct in Zak rose as he scowled at her.

If you were mine, you’d be back at Alpha 7, on your back, in bed.

Rowie scowled back at him.

Well, that’s why Remi is my man and not you.

His face flushed, and he stepped back.


I didn’t mean… it’s just. Girl play sex.

Rowie touched his arm.

I’m sorry, Goliath.

I didn’t mean to get snippy with you.

Remi stepped behind Rowie and wrapped his arm around her belly.

Easy there, baby-girl.

Blondie needs to get used to snippy pregnant women.

Now let’s cut all this shit and go get Luna. Meet female for sex in fruitdale south dakota.

Zak nodded and strode back to his Ballan.

When Seth mounted his own Ballan, they headed north, toward the ridge of mountains in the distance.


Alluna held on to the saddle horn before her.

Around her waist was a thickly muscled arm.

Once again, she found herself confused with a large void of memories missing from her thoughts. Skin diamond hard anal love 2 porno.

She turned to look into the general’s face.

His ice-blue eyes stared ahead from behind his metal mask.

Big horns rose from the mask, making him look foreboding.

The breeze blew his black cape and blond locks back, and the heat of his thighs cradled her ass. Leonora turlock sex.

He frowned.

Don’t look at me that way.

In what way? His eyes lowered to hers briefly before fixing on the road ahead of them.

Like I’m the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.

It makes me want to fuck you.

Alluna flushed and turned away hastily.


Her hand rose to her belly and for the thousandth time, she wondered if he had been the one to plant a baby there. No sine up free webcam live xxx.

She couldn’t remember anything and bit her lip.

Did… did he love me? Who? General Luke snapped.

Alluna rubbed her belly, her vision growing blurry.

The general snorted.

Love is for the weak, he hissed in her ear, his voice full of contempt.

What has love done for you, Alluna? Free online cam to cam sex chat. Filled your heart with sorrow and your belly with a bastard child.

She shrank away from his cold words.

Still, he continued.

You’d do well to harden your heart, or spend the rest of your life suffering for men who lie to gain access to the heaven between your thighs.

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You are not the only accommodating woman in the galaxy.

Heaven can be obtained everywhere.

She choked back a sob, understanding him completely.

She’d been used and cast aside like nothing.

He sighed behind her and his hand came up to stroke her tears away. Xxkiaraxx online sex video calling.

Don’t cry, little one.

Perhaps in this kingdom you will find a man willing to care for you and your babe.

I… I cannot offer you safety.

That’s why I must bring you back to your kin.

Kin? His lips brushed her temple.

You are a princess.

King Lumar has been searching for you. Corina sexy dorking.

You will be well cared for in his castle.

Your father is the only man you can trust, Alluna.

Remember that… always.


Are you… are you the father of my— He chuckled—a laugh without humor.

If only, Alluna.

I am not the man you love, nor am I the father of your child. Teensex cams free.

I’m cursed.

No one can or should ever love me.

To do so would assure great suffering.

I will never allow that.

I know this now.

This is how it must be for me.

Shadows passed overhead, and she looked up to see a red and golden dragon soaring overhead.

Trailing behind them was a black-winged reaper. Live webcam boobs.

The road twisted and turned as they neared a large river with an arched stone bridge over it.

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