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Will you require the pistols, or the rapier, this morning, m’m? Both, I think, decided Lady Jessica.

She took the small ivory-handled weapons from the case handed to her by Mercy and slipped them into the specially-made straps in her garter-belt.

The rapier she adjusted so it hung elegantly from her bustiere. Bisexual gay identity lesbian lifespan over.

While riding in Hyde Park, it was always wise to be prepared for trouble from one or other of the illegal anarchist groups which often congregated there.

They made a lot of noise when they saw members of the aristocracy passing by, but tended to scuttle off when faced with a loaded pistol, especially since the enactment of the Civil Liberties Act which made it legal to shoot them on sight.

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The steam telephone on the bedside table whistled.

Mercy picked up the trumpet and listened for a moment.

Rusty is ready in the yard, m’m, she announced.

Excellent, said Lady Jessica.

I expect Sir Percy will wish to take me to lunch before fucking me, so you may expect me back for dinner at seven. Hot sexy moms milf.

And don’t forget the Archbishop is coming for cribbage at eight.

Yes, m’m, said Mercy, curtsying.

Cook is preparing his favourite strawberry syllabub as you requested.

Lady Jessica smiled.


The Archbishop is a martyr to Mrs Abbott’s syllabub, and is willing to endure any amount of abuse from my strap-on in return for an extra portion. Roxyskyblue best free sex chat bots.


I will have the Archbishop’s special lubricant prepared, said Mercy, curtsying again.

Lady Jessica nodded with approval.

Unlike Frottage, Mercy was a most satisfactory employee, and had quickly and enthusiastically embraced the extra duties required of her. Lisa-aliska tamil sex free video.

The girl had already opened the bedroom door, and her mistress strode along the hallway and down the grand staircase, the high stiletto heels of her thigh-length calf-leather boots clattering on the oak treads.

Drummond the stable-girl had prepared Rusty and was holding him in the yard as he snorted and pawed the ground in a most realistic manner. Amber smith nude and addicted to sex.

He was the latest model of mechanical steed, powered by an elaborate system of steam-driven pistons and cogs that Lady Jessica made no attempt to understand, and attracted admiring glances whenever she rode him down Rotten Row (as did Lady Jessica herself, especially when wearing her finest black silk stockings and purple-fringed bustiere).

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Stepping onto the mounting block, Lady Jessica swung her powerful thigh expertly across Rusty’s back and took hold of the control reins.

She switched to auto-trot mode and tapped in the co-ordinates for Hyde Park.

Rusty whirred for a few seconds, raised his tail and emitted a brief burst of steam from his rear end. Teen asian sex video not.

Then the directional gyros in his ears rotated in the direction of London W2: he tossed his head, and they set off at an elegant trot.

The combination of the warmth from Rusty’s internal mechanics, and the motion of his movements, quickly began to stimulate Lady Jessica between the thighs, and she slipped her hand inside her leather knickers and stroked her clitoris, contemplating the rest of her day.

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Sir Percy had been seriously injured during the disastrous Siege of Chicago, losing an arm in the process, but fortunately the rest of him was in full working order.

The length and thickness of his penis was renowned through London, and she was looking forward to an afternoon in its company. Sword art online sex porn.

Lady Jessica’s town house, located just to the north of the newly-built church of St Mary Abbots in Kensington, was conveniently only a ten-minute ride through Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park.

As usual, the peace of the Gardens was somewhat spoilt by the buzz of the numerous steam-powered dirigibles that plied their trade back and forth across the skies of London.

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On balance, Lady Jessica (who was keenly interested in all the latest technical developments) approved of the flying-machines, but she had to admit that they were more than a little noisy and smelly, especially when taking off and landing.

As Rusty trotted across the road, she saw Sir Percy waiting for her by the Serpentine, mounted on Galahad, his own mechanical steed. Freeones pre recorded webcam sex shows.

Sir Percy raised his left arm (the prosthetic one) in greeting, and Lady Jessica, with the flick of a wrist, switched Rusty to manual and guided him over to her lover.

How well you look this morning, Lady Jessica, said Sir Percy gallantly, bowing low.

Your outfit really is most becoming today.

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The bare expanse of Lady Jessica’s pale white thigh between the top of her stockings and her knickers had stirred his desires already, and he could feel his virile member stirring to life in his tight breeches.

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