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I could feel the cum dripping down my thighs and I didn't even want to look down and see the wet spot I knew for a fact was there.

I watched her sit up straight, I just couldn't stop looking at her, compose herself and then she fully turned in her seat. Snapchat nude sex.

She smiled at me and brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed before licking them clean.

If I hadn't already come, I would have then.

The train pulled into our station stop and she got up. Isabeldevil chat room arab cam sex online.

I couldn't move and just watched her saunter towards me, our eyes never leaving each other.

I wanted to avert my eyes and couldn't.

I wanted to cover my come spot and couldn't.

I was in a trance.

As she walked by my seat, she said nothing but dropped something into my lap and exited the train. Lesbian threesome sex.


The door slid closed and the train left the station.

I looked down and saw what she left me; her panties.

I reached for them and gently took them in my hand.

They were soaked. Live sex cam to unknown without registering.

Looking around the car to make sure I was still alone, I brought them to my nose, closed my eyes and sniffed.

I couldn't help myself and I couldn't have stopped myself from doing it even if I wanted to.

Again, I thought about the fact that if I had not already come in my pants I would have then as well. Vicats webcam.

Opening my eyes I went to sniff again and noticed that something was written inside her panties.

Slowly I unfurled them in my hand and smiled.

I didn't care that I missed my stop.

I didn't care that my pants had a huge wet stain. Petite anal sex tube.

I didn't care my boxers were starting to stick to my come-drenched thighs.


I smiled again, got off at the next stop and decided I needed some air and walked the rest of the way home, with her panties in my hand in my pocket with a note meant just for me.

~~~~~ Sitting here at my desk and rereading my entry, it is nearly 2 am and I can see her house and the light is on in her room and I am hard. Essex street restaurant nyc.

I wonder how long she has known I have been watching her.

I have avoided looking her way since last night with the train incident and it has not been easy. Sex anal wikipedia.

Her panties call to me, the bedroom light calls to me, the note and the promise call to me.

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