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The next thing Bella knew she was laying on her bed, naked, and covered with a soft blanket while someone was talking to her in a soothing tone.

Opening her eyes she saw the redhead from the bathroom sitting in a chair right next to the bed smoothing a cool washcloth across her forehead.

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don't move, she whispered.

I think you bumped your head when you fainted, you should take it easy for a while.

" As Bella remembered that evening's events she wondered if that sort of thing was a common occurrence.

Then she realized that there was another person in the room with them, it was the Lady.

"Well, it looks like you have everything under control Logi, stay with her for the night and please explain to her what we spoke about so that it does not come as a surprise.

" The Lady then exited the room without another word.

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Bella turned to the girl and asked what the Lady was talking about.

Logi responded cautiously, "Technically you broke the rules tonight, your instructions had two options for your evening and neither was to visit a friend on the third floor, the Lady is considering whether or not to have you punished.

" Bella felt the tears instantly well up in her eyes and the hot liquid begin to fall onto her cheeks, "but I didn't know, it was Marie's idea and she lives here - she came up and got me.

" Logi replied that Bella had agreed in her contract to have her actions dictated by the house and that any previous relationships were at that time superseded by the house.

"Sweetie, get some sleep, you are new, it won't be that bad, I'll stay here until I have to report in the morning but you can sleep until your wake up time.

" Logi then climbed into bed with Bella, wrapped her arms around her and fell asleep.

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When Bella woke up the next morning Logi was gone and on the nightstand stood a stark, cold, white envelope.

Shannon opened her diary, grabbing her favourite pen to write her thoughts with: I’m going to do it.

I’m going to give John my virginity during the after-prom party tomorrow. Connecticut girls fucking.

We’ve become closer, but all that has happened is that he’s caressed my breasts in the back seat of his car at the homecoming game.

Everything is planned, but I am still rather nervous.

She put the pen down and closed the book, locking it and putting the key away in its usual place under her mattress and slipping the book back into its place in her nightstand. W w w hindi sex free video.


She proceeded to go downstairs to assist her mother with dinner.

Hello, honey, her mother spoke with a smile.

Did you need anything? Not really, Shannon answered, shrugging her shoulders, I was just wondering if you needed any help with getting dinner ready. Skyalina russki porno online.

That’s sweet of you, dear, but I’m almost done.

If you want, set and the table and call everyone to the table while I get all of the food ready.

Shannon nodded her head and began to set the table, going upstairs afterward to tell her brother and father that dinner was ready. Dominikaqq webcam.

Once everyone was at the table, they eat their dinner while having casual conversation.

What are your plans after prom tomorrow, Shannon?

her father asked as he scooped a spoonful of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

Not much, daddy, she answered, Sherri is throwing a party after prom that I’m planning to go to, but that’s about it. Spy camera chat sex.

Is John going to the party as well? her mother asked with a small smile on her lips.

Yes, he is, Shannon answered, a light blush forming across her cheeks as she remembered what she had planned for the event.

We’re going together, she informed them, noticing the expression on her father’s face. Publicinvasion best fuck in.

Her father opened his mouth slightly, preparing to speak, but was halted by his wife placing a hand on his thigh, refraining from him voicing his thoughts.

Shannon finished her dinner quickly and asked to be excused in an attempt to avoid her father’s words, heading upstairs and lying down on her bed.

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After perhaps ten minutes or so, her mother came into her room and sat on the edge of the bed, placing a hand gently on her daughter’s calf, Don’t worry about your father, honey, she reassured Shannon with a smile, He’s just worried about his little girl, that’s all. Video webcam secretfriends.

Yeah, but he won’t let me go to the party now, will he? Shannon asked, worried that her plans may be ruined.

I talked to your father and reminded him of what we did at our after-prom party, her mother said, He changed his tune rather quickly after that. Rockville maryland sex personals.

Ugh, mom! Shannon voiced her disgust of the thought in a playful tone.

The last thing I want to have stuck in my head is you and dad having sex.


Older people engage in sex, too, dear.

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