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My eyes followed the curves of her body up from her open legs, across her bald skin up to her chest with her very hard nipples to the soft curves of her neck.

Her face was alight with desire, her eyes sparkling a bit, her lips parted slightly.

Then her tongue slipping out to wet her lips seductively. Free webcam ladies.

My own body was beginning to respond to the sight in front of me as well.

I could feel the blood moving to my groin, causing him to grow rather rapidly.

Lexi leaned forward with her hands on the arms of the chair, her lips moving closer to mine.

I moved up to meet her, and our lips met.

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I could taste a faint coffee taste on her lips as our tongues intertwined.

Then sliding forward a bit, I could feel the heat from her even more against me.

My hands moving from the arms of the chair to her back, lightly dragging my nails down her back.

I could feel her mouth open as she moaned softly against my lips. Sexy-di live chat sex indonesia free.

I continued to drag my nails down her back til I could cup her ass in my hands.

Lexi leaned into me, her nipples just barely brushing my bare chest now.

I could feel the heat from her groin on my thighs.

I slid forward in the chair bring her sex closer to my own.

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Now I could feel her heat even more on my sensitive groin as well as her hard nips pushing into my pecks.

After her moan, her tongue snaked its way in my mouth, intertwining with mine.

We held that position for a little bit, my cock close to her pussy, teasing her with its own heat and closeness. Xphilthaix uk text chatsex.

I broke the kiss and pushed against her, making her stand up.

As I rose, her eyes locked on mine and followed til she was looking up at me.

Slowly, baby girl sank to her knees, her eyes still locked on mine the whole time.

Her small hand moving up to grab my hardness and pull it down so she could lick just the head of it, tasting the small drop of clear liquid that had formed there.

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She then slowly opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around just the head of my cock, licking the slit on the head, her lips at the rim of the head.

Then teasing me even more she slowly sinks down on it, til most of my length is in her mouth.

Her tongue wraps and licks the shaft as she descends, eliciting a small groan from me. Campos dos goytacazes women fucking.

Then as she got down to the base I heard her as choke a bit as she took too much of it in her mouth.

She quickly backed off a bit then sank slowly down again.

This time there was no gag as she took my whole length in her mouth.


I could feel the head being gripped by her throat muscles as she held my cock deep in her mouth. Sexy milf fuck.

I placed my hands on her head, softly griping her hair as she moved her hands around to grab my ass and hold me deep in her mouth, her tongue rubbing the underside of my shaft.

After a minute or so I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes as she backed herself off my shaft, then resumed bobbing on my cock. College dorm hidden camera sex.

Her hands moved from my ass to cup my balls and massage them as she sucked on me.

Moving her head in long slow strokes, covering me from the tip of my cock all the way down to the base.


Her hand gently massaging my balls at first then rolling them softly in her hand. Valencia girls looking for sex.

My hands tightened up on her hair again as she slid down my shaft again.

My hands holding her in place once again as I felt her throat begin to massage the head of my cock.

Lexi’s hands moved back to my ass to help pull her mouth down deeper on my cock. Jaklina57 sex online camera.

I felt my cock slide a little bit deeper into her throat and I felt her throat contract as her gag reflex started to kick in.

Once again she backed off a bit, this time the saliva was starting to run down her chin.


Just long enough to catch her breath she shoved her face back down on my cock my hands aiding her as she took all of me, straight to the back. Mila elaine fuck.

My groin and her face coming together at a quick pace as I bottom out.

Then holding my cock there for a few seconds until she starts to push back against me.

I hold it for a bit longer then let her pull back off my cock.

This time Lexi pulls completely back off my cock, looking up at me again. Tinaalen www androidsexy sat com.

I can see a bit of fear in her eyes and a lot of desire.

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