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I should probably learn where Nicaragua is...

Debra sits back on her heels and gives me a pout, her big brown eyes framed by running mascara. "This is reflect badly on my nursing skills," she says.

"That's a shame. Is there nothing else you can do?"



"I could always clean it with my vagina."

I love the absurdity of sexual role-play.

Debra spreads her legs, wiggling her hips over mine until the head of my cock is against her warm, wet pussy under her short nurse's skirt. Before Debra can get to the actual cleaning part, there's a knock on my front door. My dick is a tight ball of anger.

"Go away! I'm not home."

"Yeah," Debra calls. "Not home. Please leave message after beep. Beep."

"Arlington PD. Do you have a minute?"

"Shit." I hop out of the tub, throwing a towel around my waist and dripping water fucking everywhere.

Debra looks up at me, bewildered. "Are you con?"

"No. I don't know what they want. Wait here a sec. I'll be right back." I give her a peck on the forehead and close the bathroom door behind me before opening the front door.

Women looking for skype sex chat.