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Becky didn’t know why but she opened the door.

The blond dancer was now dressed in a black corset, no panties, garter belt and black stockings and stripper pumps.

Her glistening pussy and landing strip was at eye level for Becky who was sitting on the toilet. Saudi sex videos clip.

Pleasure, the dancer’s name that Becky later found out, walked in and pulled Becky off the toilet.

She pressed her lips to Becky and Becky’s mouth opened as their tongues swirled together.

Pleasure then reached down and placed her fingers gently over Becky’s slit as Becky moaned in approval. Peaceduke webcam porn.

Soon, Becky was humping Pleasure’s hand as she felt her orgasm building.

Oh fuck, she moaned as they continued kissing.


Becky’s body shuddered as Pleasure shoved her fingers deep inside Becky’s pussy as her orgasm swept over her body.

She collapsed against Pleasure and then slid down back on top of the toilet. Gorgeousqueen malayalam bedroom sex conversation videos.

Pleasure’s pussy was again at eye level beckoning her.

Becky felt a lump in her throat and an urge to taste Pleasure just as Pleasure pulled Becky’s face against her pussy.

Eat me, my slut, Pleasure commanded.

Becky pulled back but Pleasure held her face tight against her landing strip. Andre-vergara tamil adult webcam.

Becky inhaled Pleasure’s pungent aroma, different but similar to her own arousal and then began to lick Pleasure’s pussy.

You can do better than that, Pleasure challenged.


Becky reached out and cupped the dancer’s exposed cheeks and her tongue explored Pleasure’s folds and clit. Anna sexy photo.

Oh my, so much better, Pleasure purred as she humped Becky’s face.

Becky’s tongue moved up and down Pleasure’s slit and was now teasing her clit.

Her face was covered with Pleasure’s juices as she sucked on Pleasure’s hard little clit.

Faster, harder, baby! Hot girls sex with fish pic. Pleasure urged as her orgasm surged over her.

Becky could barely breathe but she continued to lick and suck until Pleasure pushed her away.

Wow! We need to do that again but I need to dance again soon.

Pleasure then kissed Becky and left with a smile.

Becky took a moment to recover; she placed her wet panties in her purse and then washed her face trying to remove all scent of Pleasure.

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Becky was in shock with what happened.

She never went down on a woman before and strangely she was very pleased.

She felt her hard nipples press against her bra and she tried to calm down.

She reapplied a fresh coat of glossy red lipstick and fixed her makeup before leaving the bathroom. Cam armenian sex.

She was still in daze as she hurried back to her seat but she still noticed the tall young man with dark hair and piercing blue eyes staring at her again.

Please come join us, he said as he reached for her arm.

I can’t.

I am here with my husband, she replied as she tried to pull away from his strong grasp. Sexo no carnaval.

He smiled self-assuredly.

His good looks, his interest in her and her intense horniness was making her pause.


No, please, she said as she pulled away and inadvertently dropped her purse.

He bent down to help her with the spilled contents and noticed her sexy panties. Sex cam.

Becky was ready to die with embarrassment as he examined them and pulled the wet gusset up to his nose and smelled her musky aroma.

How I would like to taste that sweet pussy of yours, he brazenly said as he handed the panties back to Becky.

She quickly grabbed them and brushed past the cocky college man bumping into his crotch while trying to make a getaway. Sobesedniza porno chat.

His tool felt long and hard and gave her more naughty thoughts as she briskly walked back to her husband who watched the whole scene unfold.

I think that young man likes you, honey, Bill teased as Becky sat down both flustered and hot from the incident with the young man and the little adventure in the bathroom.

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Never mind him, where is your underwear? Becky asked impatiently.

Bill discretely handed her his underwear and she quickly got up and put them in a nearby trashcan.

Honey! Bill interjected.

Don’t worry, honey, you will not be needing those soon, as her hand again massaged his stiff rod now pressed free against his black freshly pressed pants. Brunettestrong www livesexvidio com.

The next dancer was a young tall, thin black woman with bright white teeth who came out with a bounce to her step.

She wore a white mini-dress that glowed in the black lights of the stage and accented her curves.

Her erect nipples were visible under the dress along with a vague outline of a small G-string.

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Her tight curly shiny black hair was pulled up and she began her first dance.

The announcer introduced her as Breeze as the first dance began and she danced to the beat of the music.

She was still fully dressed but Bill was unabashedly taking in her every move. Xsangelxs free room sextalk.

As the second dance began, she slowly pulled down her dress revealing her firm bouncy breasts with large areole and puffy erect nipples.

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