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Her bedroom was the second bedroom after the bathroom.

I entered her room like a prisoner.

"Step into my chamber Steve.

" "Yes Mistress.

" I was beginning to build excitement again with the aroma of leather through out her room.

She had leather floggers hanging on the wall. Sunny leon sexy.

Lori was of course dressed in her leather attire.

She looked absolutely stunning.

I wasn't wearing a shirt anymore.

She then went to a drawer and got a nipple clip and clipped them to my nipples.

She took a flogger from the wall and whipped me on the chest with the leather flogger repeatedly. Indian hidden cam sex clips.

She took off the hand cuffs.

"Turn around and drop them pants slave.

" "Face the wall for me bad boy and don't look back.

" She whipped me with the flogger repeatedly, on my ass and through my legs and she wasn't letting up.


I put my hands up against her wall like I was supposed to. Porno alison taylor with the son.

She put the flogger down and grabbed my dick in front of me, jacking me off.

"I want you to close your eyes, I have surprise for you Steve.

" While my eyes were closed.

Lori seemed to be changing and putting something on.

I waited patiently till my name was called again.

"Okay Steve, you can open your eyes.

" When I opened my eyes, they opened wide. Asianfantasy free local webcam xxx chat.

She was standing in front of me with a 8 inch strap on attached to her waist.

The harness was made of leather.

She asked me if I was okay with it and I agreed by nodding my head.

There was no turning back now.

She was in control and I loved it.


She was about to fulfill one of my deepest fantasies.

"Lean over the bed, and relax. Free hawkshead female webcam.

You won't be disappointed.

" "Yes mistress.

" I leaned over her bed and rested my arms.

I then prepared myself for what was to happen next.

Lori grabbed a tube of gel and rubbed it over her rubber strap on.

She stood tall behind me as she lubed her strap on up. French cam sex.

Then I felt cold cool lube dropped on in my ass.

She rubbed it in and massaged it into my ass.

She asked me if I was okay again, grabbing my hard dick.

I nodded in saying yes.

I felt it as she penetrated the rubber strap on in my ass slowly.

I shut my eyes momentarily as she did this. Sex online 2018 hd.

I felt her soft cheek against mine as she whispered to me.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" "Yes.

" It sounded so hot and erotic how she said it.


I nodded my head in agreement.

As she went in slow, I moaned as it felt so good.

She starting pumping me while she took her time building up the ecstasy and orgasm inside of us, she slowly grabbed my balls and dick, fondling them in her soft sexy hand. 100 free sex chat in canada.

Her hand was a cold creamy soft which helped.

That's when I moaned in a low tone, as my breathing also changed.

As I took it in more and more she held on to my waist and building up a rhythmic method.

As my erection grew to the fullest she pumped me as I submitted to her.

"I think you enjoy this.

" "You like that?" "Oh, yes I do.

" "I knew you would.

" Lori slowly started to speed up her pace a little faster as she massaged my stomach.

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She gave me a few smacks on the ass.

Holding my waist as she glided her self into me even more.

Every 15 seconds she smacked my ass again as I moaned.

As she noticed I was taking it in well, she started speeding up even more.

It went in deeper and as I felt the muscles inside me relax to it. Live gay sex online.

As she went in smoother and faster I began panting more.

Her body touching mine every time she went all the way in.

I felt her grab me by my hair of my head all of a sudden.

"I'm gonna make you my bitch Steve.

" "Fuck me harder.

" "I know you like me spanking and punishing you.

" Lori was going in rough and hard now. Real sex caught on hidden cam.

I felt her hot warm breath on my neck.


I also felt the pressure of an orgasm build up as she went back and forth again and again, ramming my ass with her rubber strap on.

With her hand, she jerked me off faster and which made her get even better access to go in smoother. Ass x lick fuck.

I felt her going in deeper, as it began massaging my prostate.

"Take it, take it , take it Steve.

" Some pre-cum began spewing out of me running down her soft hand and on to her fingers.

I was having my first orgasm as she continued to jerk me off.

She then put her fingers in my mouth to taste. Free sex meeting no sign up webcam.

She had put her hand back on my waist again as she continued to fuck me as she glided herself into me again and again as she went in hard and rough.


My breathing was very ragged along with hers.

She grabbed my hard dick again jerking me off more.

I was about to reach orgasm so she started speeding up. Sexy chat room.

I Came all over her hand and fingers as she was pumping me for a orgasm.

She slowed down her pace and began massaging my stomach.

As she pulled out, I felt my muscles let loose.

I enjoyed the new experience of getting fucked in the ass by a girl with a strap on.

"How do you feel?" "I enjoyed it so much.

" "That's good, bad boy.

" "Is it my turn because I've been a bad girl.

" "Oh yes.

" "How bad?" "Very bad.

" "Are you ready?" "Yes!" "Please fuck me hard.

" I got up and we switched positions.

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