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You should fly instead, Angela suggested.

Renting a car for three weeks is costly.

When you add in the airfare, it’s much cheaper to drive.

When are you leaving? I intend to leave next Monday, bright and early to beat the traffic.

With the two of you driving it should be an easy two day drive, Angela figured. Still seeking my sexy thunder bay.

Scott can’t get off work, so I’m going alone.

Alone? cried Angela.

Don’t go alone.

It’s dangerous for a woman to be on the road alone.

And you’ll be in Seattle in a house for three weeks all by yourself.

That’s not good.

Brad’s not doing anything.

Take him with you. Desi sexsi girl.

I let the comment slide.

I wasn’t sure if she was joking and I felt a bit awkward in front of Brad and my husband at the suggestion that I should go away with her man.


Days passed.

Surprisingly, her suggestion had intrigued me and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Bbw hd webcam.

I already felt guilty about leaving Scott.

Now this? Going away with my best friend’s husband for three weeks? The idea appealed to me in a scandalous way, but it was completely improper.

True, I considered Brad a close friend who happened to be male.

But I was a married woman. Malayalam chatting sex.

Brad was my best friend’s husband.

This was absolutely wrong, period.

Yet the idea kept tormenting me.

Some days later Angela and I were out shopping together.

I broached the subject.

Angela, you said something the other night that has remained on my mind. Genna g s bio and free webcam.

What was that?

You suggested I take Brad with me to Seattle.

Were you serious about that? I hesitantly asked.

Of course I was.

Brad’s not working now and I’m tired of him hanging around the house all day.

He’s starting to look like the furniture.

This gives him something to do. Sex roos vidiyo malayalam.

You’ll need help up there.

He can help you; put him to work.

He loves road trips and he loves Seattle.

So take my husband, please.

You know we’d be living under the same roof for three weeks.

You would trust us? Trust you? Would I trust you? We’ve been friends since we were eight years old, Michelle. Sexy and beautiful girl.

Of course I trust you.

But I have absolutely no objection if you and Brad share companionship while you’re away together.


So take Brad with you and enjoy each other’s company.

Am I to understand…? Yes.

You understand correctly.

It will be good for Brad and good for you. Real sex by hidden camera.

And don’t get up on a moral soap box.

We’re dear friends.

We’ve shared our homes, our holidays, our vacations, our joys, and our tears.

We’re as close as two friends and two couples can be.

So take Brad and I trust you to bring him back a better man.

But that will leave you alone for three weeks, I replied, not yet realizing that I had just implicitly accepted her offer. Online sex chat with stranger.

As I said it, an idea came to me.

I could send Scott to stay with you, I said, revealing my solution.

Great idea! Then it’s all set.


All set except selling the idea to the men, I countered.

It will be an easy sell.

Brad will love the idea of taking a road trip to his favorite city and I’m sure we can sell Scott on the idea of looking after me for a few weeks. Sex chat for ipad.

Oh, I still don’t know.

It could be awkward and end in fiasco.

No, it’s a great idea and everyone will be happy with the outcome, assured Angela.

Let’s get together and tell the guys of our plan.

Angela was right; it was an easy sell.

At first Scott had some reservations about Brad and me. Petite fuck xxx.

But his opposition softened when he considered that I wouldn’t be alone on the road and in a strange city.

And of course, the plan for him to stay and keep Angela company in Brad’s absence, with Brad’s and my approval, no less, won him over.


I started looking forward to our road trip. Free swinger sex tapes.

The thought of being alone with Brad brought butterflies to my stomach.

I thought racy thoughts, but also harbored apprehension.

What if this aroused jealousy and ruined our marriages and our friendship? Angela had confided in me much about her and Brad’s love life, but did I want Brad discovering my most personal bodily details? Girls want sex tonight ketchikan. Did I want my husband enjoying Angela’s substantial charms? What if they fell in love? We were trekking into a potential minefield.

Monday morning came and Brad and I hit the road.

It was less uncomfortable than I thought it would be.

After all, Brad and I had been friends since high school.

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The four of us had gone on vacation together before.

We shared a timeshare in Paris one summer.

We took a river cruise on the Rhine River another year.

He had seen me in my pajamas countless times.

I had seen him in swim trunks at the beach on many occasions. Webcam boobs flash.

Brad and I were not strangers.

I shed my anxiety.

The first day we made it to Redding, California.

I had made reservations from the car while Brad was driving.

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