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Annie’s eyes were closed and she had a huge smile on her face.

As we walked in she opened her eyes, smiled and said, We started our little party again without you but you can join in too.

I handed her a glass of wine and then sat down on the bed as Bill moved away from her pussy and sat up to get a glass of wine. Sexyiren porno do mobilu webcam online.

Annie’s pussy lips were thick and swollen and I noticed that her cunt was rhythmically contracting in and out as she sat up with her legs spread.

We all stopped for a little while and talked and had a glass of wine before Annie said, I want to fuck some more, I hope you guys still have some more cum for me or else I’ll have to go back down to the bar and find some more cocks to fuck.

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Then she laughed and opened her legs wide for us.

We all laughed and Jim said, I think we can help out a beautiful slut in need of some more cock.

Then he took her empty glass, put it aside on the night stand and began to kiss her as he fingered her open cunt. Teen petite blonde sex.

Annie moaned and leaned back and said, Mmmmm fuck me again.

We all put our glasses down and moved up onto the bed next to Annie as Jim began to fuck her.

Annie looked at me then at Paul and reached out to grab his cock and stroked it as she smiled and licked her lips. Indian webcam online.

Give me your cock, I want to suck it.

Paul moved to her face and she reached out and began to lick his cock as she continued to work it in her hand.


Bill moved over to her other side and offered his cock to her as well.

Annie turned to look at him and smiled saying, Mmmm two cocks to suck while I am getting fucked, what more can a fucking slut want? Baby betty porno. She then took Bill’s cock into her mouth and licked it for a few seconds before she turned and did the same with Paul’s cock.

Jim continued to fuck her while she alternatively sucked Bill and Paul’s cocks.

After a minute or two, Jim pulled his cock out from Annie’s cunt and told her that he wanted to fuck her ass. Fucking hose in pantie slut.

Annie stopped sucking Bill and Paul and got up onto her hands and knees and opened her ass for Jim.

He wasted little time in working his cock into her tight asshole and started to fuck her with long strokes.


Jim was soon balls deep in my wife’s ass fucking her with deep long strokes when Annie turned to Paul and said to him, I want you to fuck my pussy, I want two cocks in me, fucking me at the same time, mmmm fuck. Butt huge sex.

Jim slowly pulled his cock out of her ass then Annie looked back over her shoulder and told him to lie down on his back.

Jim stretched out on the bed on his back as Annie turned away from him and straddled his body before she lowered herself onto his hard cock taking it all the way up her ass in one motion. Animal sex video.

Then she leaned back with her legs spread to open up her pussy and told Paul to fuck her cunt.

Paul began to slowly work his cock into her pussy as Jim slowly fucked her ass from behind.


Annie moaned as Paul’s cock worked its way into her tight cunt then she began to move and fuck them both. Big boobs sri dave sexy photo.

Ohhh God, I feel soooo fucking full.

Fuck me, fuck mmmeeeeee! Annie yelled as she bucked against the cocks in her pussy and ass.

Bill then stood up in front of Annie’s face and offered her his cock.

Annie opened her mouth and took his cock and sucked it down her throat as Jim and Paul continued to fuck her in rhythm. Weather camera sex live free online.

Soon Bill, Jim, and Paul were all moving in unison as they fucked each of my wife’s holes.

Annie’s eyes were closed as her orgasm took over her body.

When it hit she arched her back and pushed against the cocks in her ass and pussy as hard as she could then Bill started cumming in her mouth.

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Annie swallowed as much as she could then turned her head as she screamed, Oooohhh fuck, oooohhh fuckkkk, I’mmm cummmiiinnnngggg!!! Fuck meeeee, fuck meeeeee!! OOOhh God fuck meeeeeee, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!! Paul started to cum inside her pussy at the same time as Annie continued to thrust hard against their cocks. Squirting tiny japanese schoolgirl assfucked.

After a minute, Paul’s cock slipped out of her dripping pussy.

Jim continued to slowly fuck her ass as she leaned back and fingered her cunt for a few seconds then she looked over at me and said, Rob, fuck my cunt, I want you to fuck me now too.

I moved between Annie’s spread legs and slipped my cock into her hot wet dripping pussy.

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I could feel Jim’s cock slowly working in her ass as I began to slowly work my dick into her slippery cunt.

It was a new sensation for me to feel another man’s cock in my wife’s ass as I fucked her.

We fucked Annie with long deep strokes.

The smell of sex was thick in the room and as we fucked her I could hear the squishy sounds of our cocks moving in her cum filled holes.

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