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She felt the muscle tense under her, saw Rain look down at her hand and then away, trying to hide her eyes.

She wanted to see them.

Needed to see them.

She reached out, and Rain took her wrist loosely, looking towards her, but still hiding her eyes behind those long lashes.

"Do you not want me to touch you?" Yasmin asked softly. Gay mouth fuck porn video.

Rain bit her lip, then answered, "I do, which is probably why you shouldn't," her voice low, like gray silk.

She felt an answering call in her body as it slowly woke up.

Rain felt it, her eyelids closing as she held herself still.

Yasmin felt her heart thump loudly, blood rushing to her ears. Long dick webcam.

She reached for Rain's face again and she tilted her head up to look at her, Rain hesitating and then opening her eyes.


They were rimmed with black, her nose flaring, taking in her scent, her expression almost scared.

A scared vampire.

She cupped it, "I won't if you say no.

" Rain blinked at her, realizing that Yasmin understood what she was, and that she wasn't running away.

"I can't," Rain said softly. Sex chat typing.

Yasmin didn't know if that meant because she wanted to but couldn't or if she really wanted this.

Yasmin felt unsure, slowly dropping her hand but when she went to pull back, Rain's arm went around her, keeping her tucked into her side.

Yasmin exhaled, watching her.

"You know what I am," she said quietly.

"Yes," Yasmin whispered.

"You aren't afraid.

" "I trust you.

" Rain swallowed, and she saw her surprise.

"Maybe you shouldn't," Rain breathed, not letting her go.

"Why?" Yasmin asked, her heart speeding up.

"I could hurt you with what I want.

" Yasmin felt her stomach butterfly.

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The silence was thick as they stared at one another, the flickering candle throwing light over her now almost black eyes.

She felt the place where she had been bitten tentatively so long ago start to thrum against her neck.



Rain started, her eyes moving from her eyes to her neck. Fuck slutty teen pussy.

She could see it.

Even though it was invisible to the naked eye, Rain was looking right at it.

It had never burned with heat like it did right now.


Once in awhile, she felt a slight twinge.

It was obvious that it changed when there was need involved. Springfield illinois girl fucks on cam.

But only with a vamp.

Rain reached out, slowly running her finger along the side of her neck, touching where she once had been taken and Yasmin suppressed a moan, her eyes growing heavy.

"You've been bitten," she whispered, almost in shock.

"When I was young," Yasmin managed, Rain's fingers still on her neck.

"But you're not bound.

" It wasn't a question, just a statement.

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Yasmin shook her head, "No, we were both only thirteen," she whispered.

"Why didn't he bind you?" Rain wondered out loud.

Yasmin shook her head, "She didn't because I said no.

" She knew Rain had taken in her words, both the gender and her saying no.

"God, you're one strong woman," Rain said softly, their eyes on one another again. Freesexchatnoemail com.

Yasmin raised her eyebrow as Rain's fingers left her neck.

"Does that turn you on?" She had no idea where the words had come from.

She was never this forward.

Rain laughed low, her eyes now all black.

"You have no idea.

" Yasmin smiled slowly.

"You turn me on.

" Rain bit her lip, "Yeah?" Yasmin nodded. Mature sex belarus.

Rain's head turned, looking towards the door and Yasmin followed her eyes.


The amulet.

She was understanding that she wasn't accidentaly bespelling her.

"It's you.

" Rain turned her head, looking at her.

She knew Rain understood what she meant.

That it was Rain that was turning her on. Strip webcam porn videos.

Not pheremones.

But her love and desire for her.

"I don't know how you've been able to fly under the radar, being unbound," Rain said softly.

Yasmin nodded, "I'm damn lucky.

I think I might've been waiting.

" Rain waited, not understanding.

"For the right person to find me.

" Rain's breathing changed, her tongue darting out to touch her left canine.

"I. Bi club sex dolls fucking in public blowjob sex video.

damn Yasmin.

I'm afraid.

" "I know, that's why I know it's you I've been waiting for to claim me.

But if you don't want me, I can understand.


I don't want to ask something of you that you don't want to do.

" Rain shook her head, "I want to, have wanted to ever since I first met you.

" Yasmin smiled shyly at her and Rain pulled her closer.

"I just think. Shusankov arabisch porno chat.

maybe this is going to fast.

I'm worried that you will change your mind afterwards, and then it will be too late," she tapered off in a small voice.

"I've had since I was 13 to think about what I really wanted.

And what that was was to be loved for who I am, to love someone for who they are without reservations. Hot teens fucked by big cocks big dick.

I don't want to live my life holding back and being scared.

And I don't want you to either.

We can give each other what we are looking for," Yasmin said slowly.

The emotion washed over Rain's face, knew she longed for that acceptance and love.


Love for who she really was. Action sports sex 2.

She had known Rain for years before this, it was a solid base already.


love me?" Rain whispered, tentative.

"I love you very much, and I accept you for who you really are.

I want to be with you.

In all ways.

" Rain let out a long breath and then picked her up effortlessly, the strength of a vamp, and stood, wrapping her legs around her waist.

"I never thought you'd ever be mine. Porno chat live couples.

Someone as perfect as you.

Someone as powerful, someone worth loving," Rain whispered, her mouth drawing across Yasmin's.

Yasmin's arms tightened around Rain's neck.

"You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," Yasmin let out, feeling her eyes well up. Usa sex.

Suddenly, both of them froze, the doorbell ringing.


Rain's eyes went to the door and she set her down gently.

She watched her as her eyes slowly changed back to brown, a slight black rim surrounding them.

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