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Sandy smiles and gives me a whistle or two as I turn around to show off my toned physique.

"Now, David," Sandy comments, "let's get you sized up.

I like the item you are wearing.

" "Doesn't Davey look lovely?" Sherry comments.

"He likes to wear cute little things like this.

" After awhile, Sandy has all the numbers she needs and jots them down in her book, writing "Davey" above them. Ilove_cum96 couples webcam chat.

She taps my buns with her ruler and I blush a bit, prompting a wink.

Sherry then goes for her purse and returns.

"We aren't quite finished yet, Davey.

" I am still thong-clad and walk behind the partition with Sherry.

Sherry tucks me inside, checks to see if I have shaved all my pussy hair, secures the bandage and applies extra tape. Live sex web cam video chat.


We walk out and I stand in front of Sandy.

"Oh, my!" is all she can say as she stares at my clean-shaven clitty.

Sherry says that I can be seen like this while here, but that we need to be quite discrete.

I am then led over a chair as Sherry collects her purse. Killerdreams malyalam sex writing.

With ease, she removes two paddles from it and walks over next to me.

"Now, you may use this one if you so choose.

Davey is a naughty girl and needs to be kept in line.

" Sandy picks up the thicker paddle and blushes.

With some prompting, she sits down and I go across her lap. Sexy prego women nude.

Five solid whacks per cheek with it, followed by five slaps per cheek with her bare hand and a quick swat with the smaller paddle.

I stand up and watch as she is asked to sign the larger paddle she used on my toned ass.


Sherry asks what she wishes to be called and I am asked to sign the smaller one for her. Live cam chat nl preview teensex.

I do so, adding a small heart and hand it back, asking her to read it.

"To Sandy, From Davey" "Now, Davey, please follow me," Sandy comments.

She leads me to a corner next to a small window.

Sherry tells her that I need to remain there a bare minimum of fifteen minutes, prompting a laugh. Jack-simpson face cam sex.

The two of them go about their business and write up an order for both Sherry and I.

When my time is up, I am asked to face them.

Sherry removes the tape and bandage, allowing my penis to come out and slowly return to normal.

I feel ashamed as I stand in front of her with my manhood slowly becoming rock hard. Couples young webcam sex.


Sandy comments on how my pussy is nice and clean, making me blush.

"Now, Davey, what do you say to this nice lady?" "Thank you, Mommy Sandy.

" Sandy blushes and smiles.

"My, my.

Noone has ever called me that before.

You may just call me Mommy and I'll call you Davey," she comments.

"If you feel needs to be spanked or paddled in the future, you may do so. Kimora lee simmons sexy nude.

Corner time is a must.

Also," Sherry adds, "should someone happen to notice our baby boy in his corner, so be it.

" Sandy laughs and comments that all naughty boys need kept in tow, also noticing that a few have added their name to the larger paddle.

I am then asked to get dressed. Pornstar webcam videos.

Sherry has replaced my pink thong with one in a floral print and asks me to model it before putting on my jeans, causing more laughs.


Sandy comments that with the numbers she has that she could make all of my clothing, including underwear.

I blush as Sherry tells her any underthings she might make are all called panties. Samesexdivorcedating com.

I review the order Sherry wrote up for me, add my own choices to it and pay the bill.

"I'll call both of you when everything is finished.

" A few weeks later, we get a call that our clothing orders are ready to be picked up.

We visit the store together and pick up our things. Usa gial sex chat free com.

We then go to the second floor and I am asked to model my new items.

I first inspect the windows and notice that if someone is standing at just the right spot that I could be seen.

I laugh at the idea and go about stripping for them, not really worrying about it.

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As requested, there are two pair of slacks, as well as three pair of jeans.

On her own, or maybe Sherry's request, I also find a packet containing panties and a few thongs.

They are from my own collection, thankfully, since I see the name brand and such on them. Free mobile sex chat with aunties.

I model each item, slacks with panties and jeans with a thong beneath.

The house is secluded and I feel okay.

They have a smoother fit and I compliment her on her work.

Once naked, Sandy is asked if I deserve any punishment and corner time.

"Oh, perhaps a little of both.

" Sandy swats me five times per cheek with her new paddle, which I count out for her. Slutload watch mommy fuck.

I am also given a few well-placed slaps on my bare ass with her firm hand.


No pain, but merely symbolic.

She pats my bare behind as I am led to a different corner, which appears to be a bit more open.

I am to stand there for twenty minutes before being allowed to leave and get dressed. Mtv new york sex tape.

As fate would have it, a lady rings the doorbell just as I am getting dressed.

Sherry goes down, answers the door and eagerly brings the lady up with her.

Sandy giggles and comments that we missed our chance.

"Too bad," Sandy comments.

"I think it would have been sweet for her to see you. How to chat sexy.

I knew I should have made you stand there for thirty minutes, Davey.

Maybe next time.

" The female customer looks at me and shakes her head.

Some women just can't take a good joke.

As we are leaving, Sherry thanks her and asked if she liked the peep show.

"Yes," she replies.

"I think Davey would make a good clothing model and a sexy stripper.

" I turn around and she blushes as I respond.

"As long as you and your female friends can behave and are at least 21, give me a call.

" "I will," Sandy replies as she taps my behind with her paddle.

"I'm sure you would look lovely and do well.

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My friends tip well, Davey.

" "Also, if our Davey needs corner time during a show," Sherry adds, "please see to it.

Fifteen minutes, but more if he is naughty.

" "Yes, I agree.

" Sandy replies.

"As for we what talked about, anytime you wish.

" As we leave, I ask Sherry what she was talking about.

"Oh, just you never mind," she replies with a sly grin as we drive to her place. Live sex chat gay boy pakistan.

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