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They hang low, but they still stick out like a sailor's wet dream.

Never seen boobs this big that are still so firm.

Most women your size, they're down to their knees.

" He turned to us.

"She doesn't need anything from me either, Frank.

Marble-white skin so delicate the veins show through, but not too much--a big, round ass without a hint of cellulite--that perfect bald pussy--did you shave this morning, sweetheart?" Millie nodded and pointed at me.

"I shaved her at the hotel," I said. Top ten anal sex.

DeMarco grumbled under his breath, "Nice work if you can get it.

" Alex went on: "I've never seen skin like yours, sweetheart, and I've been doing this a long time.

" He turned back to his boss.

"Frank, tell the photographers to be careful and not fuzz her up.

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She needs a razor-sharp focus.

There aren't any flaws to hide.

Even with that, you're going to get complaints that she's airbrushed.

Women just don't come this perfect.

" Millie was smiling shyly--and blushing like a stoplight.

DeMarco grinned and said, "Alex, you're beginning to worry me. Porno vidyosu.

Are you still gay?' Alex sniffed and drew himself up, offended.

"You don't have be straight to appreciate a work of art," he said huffily.

Suddenly he spoke without the affectation.

"Frank--I mean, she doesn't even have calluses on her heels, man.

All big women do. Indian online web cam sex.

Her feet are like a child's.

I've never seen that before.

" "I take care of my feet," said Millie timidly.


We all looked down at them, and after a moment Millie giggled.

"What?" I asked her.

She giggled again.

"Well, I'm standing here naked with my tits and ass hanging out and my pussy shaved, and everyone's looking at my feet!" We all laughed, even Alex.

"They're gorgeous, silly," he said, flapping a hand.

"Just like the rest of you.

" There was an odd moment when no one spoke; and then Alex abruptly turned to leave. Nude huge twinner belly webcam show.

He picked up his bag--at least it was tan leather, and not pink--and headed for the door.

"Well, ta-ta, people," he said with an airy wave.

"Call me when you have a girl who needs me, Frank.

This one doesn't.

" At the door, he stopped, turned back, and spoke to Millie once more.

"Have fun with your shoot, sweetheart.

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I've never said this before, but I'm looking forward to seeing it.

'Bye, now.

" He wiggled his fingers in a wave and was gone.

Sheila looked at DeMarco.

"Did you see that?" said the matronly woman with the braids.

DeMarco was still looking at the door.

"Well, I will be dipped in shit," he said.

"What?" Millie and I said together.

"Alex is the most critical human you'd ever want to meet," said DeMarco as Millie slipped back into her robe. Pandora webcam girls.

The woman said, "I've never seen him speak directly to a model before.

He always just criticizes them as he works, talking about them like they're not even there.

He's usually pretty rude about it, too.

" Demarco did a dead-on impression of his gay employee, flapping his hands limp-wristedly: 'Look at those lumpy thunder thighs!

Anal slut fucking video trailers. This bitch has stretch marks like ruts on an unpaved road! Oh, yuck, her skin looks like unbaked bread dough!' Stuff like that.

" All three of us laughed.

"He seemed very sweet to me," said Millie.

"You're special," was all anyone could say, and I did.

Demarco and Sheila both nodded slowly, looking at her. Meggan mallone porno.

I think we all felt it at that moment.

Millie stood there barefoot in her white terry robe, covered from chin to mid-calf, and she was still incredibly sexy.

"Well, if we're all done in here, it's time to go to the studio," said DeMarco after a moment.

"Are you ready, Millie?" She nodded excitedly and bounced up and down on her toes for a heartbeat.

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Her smile was incandescent.

We walked across the hall to the biggest room yet, a full-out photography studio.

One wall was set up with a large sheet of seamless paper, pale green.

It covered the floor, curved up against the wall, and on up to the ceiling. Lesbian girls at office webcam.

I saw other rolls of paper in different colors, and various pieces of furniture and props.

Chairs, bits of metal scaffolding, ladders, even a small set of kids' monkeybars.

Off to the side was a bedroom set, and nearby was a large shower stall open on two sides. Xbigcock4fun pprno sexs.

There were lights, aluminized umbrella reflectors, and of course cameras everywhere.

The wall behind us was done up to look like ancient stone, and it had shackles hanging from it.


I noticed some bondage equipment around--a rack of leather straps and hoods, coils of rope, wooden frames and stocks, and something that could only be a rack. A girl from netherlands gets a free sex blowjob sex video.

Millie's eyes were as big as saucers as she looked around.

She pointed to the dungeon wall.

"Can I do some of that?" she asked breathily.

We had only experimented a little with bondage at home, but it turned her on like a lightswitch.

Demarco blinked.

"Wow," he said.

"The girls hardly ever ask for that. Online sex sites.

We usually have to pay extra.

" He shook his head as if dazed, and then answered.

"Sure, honey.

But not today.

We'll save that for a special feature down the road.

" Then he smiled at her.

"I think we're going to be giving you a lot of work.


For a long time. Women wanting sex in aberdeen.

And we're going to make lots and lots of money.

" Millie, honest to a fault, waved her pretty hand and said, "I don't care about that.

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