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He lifted Jennifer’s dress and arranged the fabric out of the way and paused for a moment to admire the shapely bottom packaged beautifully in plain white cotton panties. Sexy mature females in connaught.

Inserting his fingers into the waistband, he slowly drew them down and let them fall in a puddle at her feet.

Jennifer gripped the desk and closed her eyes as she felt the cool finger of the cane resting against her upturned bottom. Teen webcam voyeur.

God she felt so exposed.

This was madness, what was she thinking.


Now then Jennifer, I’m going to give you a dozen strokes, and I expect you to take them with the minimum of fuss.

You are a senior girl here at the school so I expect you to conduct yourself as such. Ibanterrible sex chat free without any credit card.

” “I’ll try sir.

” Julian tapped the cane on her bottom a couple of times to check his aim and to savoir the moment.

Raising his arm, he brought the cane down with a sharp crack right across the middle of Jennifer’s bottom.

Holy shit.


Jennifer had never felt pain like this in her life. Sofimitchel tamil girls webcam live.

She gripped the desk and ground her teeth to prevent herself from screaming out.

Surely she couldn’t take this.

She felt the cane return to her bottom and it’s gentle tapping as Julian took aim again.

The tapping stopped to be replaced moments later with another searing line of fire right in the crease where her legs met her bottom. Marqo live sex cam.

A moan escaped her lips and she wiggled her bottom, trying to ease the pain as the cane returned to tapping.

Again and again the cane tapped and then struck her poor defenceless bottom. White dick fuck ebony pussy video.

Her head began to swim as her mind and body absorbed the pain.

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