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She moved forward, closer to Ally and found the wrist to the hand she was fucking her with.

She held it steady and began grinding into Ally’s fingers, her hips now high off the table.

Ally was momentarily taken aback.

She watched Sara’s chest bounce as she moved against her fingers. Sex castanhal online free.

She was going to take control back.

Firmly, Ally removed Sara’s hand from her wrist and eased her to turn round so Sara was now straddling the bed.

Ally quickly removed her uniform.

Stepping out of her underwear, she slid onto the table behind Sara, her breasts pushing into her back. Family on webcam porn.


Sara felt Ally’s bare legs beside her in awe as Ally began kissing her neck and her hands moved back to her breasts.

Ally began grinding into Sara’s back; Sara mirrored the movement.

When Ally’s hand moved back to Sara’s clit, Sara’s moan was too much for Ally. Hidden camera xxx sex videos.

Swiftly, she pushed Sara closer to the table, bending her knees so she was crouched on all fours.

Then Ally pulled herself through Sara’s legs.

She pulled Sara closer so her chest was in Ally’s face and began sucking on her right nipple while her hand played with her left. Sex dating in doering wisconsin.

Sara pulled Ally away, back to her lips, and kissed her passionately.


Sara’s hands cupped Ally’s breasts and she began brushing her nipples with her tongue whilst Ally let out a loan moan.

They kissed again.

This time their hands moved frantically, teasing one another. Free fuck dating beirut.

Sara’s hand reached Ally’s clit and her moan made Sara shiver with pleasure.

But Ally wasn’t having that.

She had wanted to fuck Sara the minute she had come through the door.

Ally slowly turned Sara’s body so that they were in a sixty nine position.

Without hesitation, Ally plunged her tongue into Sara’s wet pussy, using her finger to caress her clit. Black webcam pussy.

Sara moaned in pleasure as she spread Ally’s legs.


Ally’s tongue was making her lose concentration but once her fingers felt how wet Ally was, Sara’s mind was clear.

She began sliding her fingers in and out of Ally as her tongue worked her clit.

The two woman moaned in pleasure as each of them tasted the other. San mateo women fucking.

Sara matched Ally’s pace and soon Ally replaced her tongue with her fingers, fucking Sara fast and hard.

Sara came and Ally’s tongue immediately began licking her juices.

Sara picked up the pace and felt Ally climax around her fingers.

The only sound in the room was the two girl’s heavy breathing. Men and sex and dating defined.


Somewhat with shaky legs, Sara turned around so she was straddling Ally.

Ally sat up and met Sara’s gaze.

Ally began to smile and Sara mirrored her.

My flat’s just upstairs, Ally said.

Sara nodded.

We could have a shower? Ally whispered as she held Sara’s breast in her hand. Top vidio sex.

Maybe in a minute, Sara replied as she leant in to kiss Ally’s neck.

It's been a few months now since my girlfriend Sara's awakening trip to Vegas (See Previous Story) and life has been great! Sara loves that I'm OK with her satisfying her lust for other men's huge cocks whenever she wants and tells me daily how much she loves me for letting her express her inner most sexual desires.

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One thing we learned after our Vegas experience was that we were both extremely turned on when she texted me pictures or videos of her sucking her lovers' cocks while I was a long distance away.

A few weeks after Sara's Vegas experience, I had to take a trip to Dubai for business. Sexy nude sports ass.

Before I left, Sara kept hinting that she wanted to have fun while I was gone and wanted to try something new.

During the last few weeks, Sara would often hint that she often fantasized about being with an older man and also "giving a treat" to a younger stud. Funny and sexy photos.


I encouraged her to find the right guys and I'd love for her to satisfy all of her fantasies or at least try them.

After landing in Dubai I received a texted picture of Sara in lingerie and I knew she was up to something again.

I quickly replied: Sara then sent me a picture of herself lowering down on her massive black dildo. Sexy camera poses.

After several hours of meetings I knew she was up to something so I waited patiently for my meetings to finish.

There is a 12 hour time difference between the UAE and the US so I knew around noon I'd receive pictures of that night's activities.

Amateur teen webcam anal.