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Having dropped my dress to the floor, Nikki returned her attention to my now naked breasts.

She was kneading them and pulling and squeezing my nipples.

My moans and sighs were getting louder now, I was so close.

Jackie was not going to be left out and I felt her lips on my buttocks and then her tongue ran carefully up the crease and back down. Hot sexy teen webcam.

I felt her fingers gently parting them and her hot breath gently blowing between them.

All the while, Laura was active between my legs, blowing and kissing my clitoris and allowing a finger to slide easily into the excessively lubricated entrance that held the core of my desire, and Nikki, still at my neck with her lips and massaging and pulling my breasts and nipples.

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I felt Jackie’s tongue press firmly against that tightest of places until it gained access and it was over.

The orgasm that I had been trying to hold off hit me like a bulldozer.

Every muscle in my body tightened and I screamed out in ecstasy.


My fluids gushed out over Laura’s hand and face and my anus gripped tightly trying to catch Jackie’s tongue. Webcam pussy.

My knees finally buckled and gave way.

I fell backwards but Nikki and Jackie held me and lowered me gently to the floor where I lay twitching.

Every muscle in spasm and screaming out with joy.

They did not stop, all three of them massaging, pressing, rubbing, kissing, licking. Hot sex datin.

My whole being jumping and contracting with every touch.

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I was screaming and writhing in pain, but such an exquisite pain and before long I could take no more and my body arched as my muscles contracted in a second explosive orgasm.

Only then did they ease off and let me rest. Sexy chat ng.

I was soaking.

My skin was gleaming with perspiration and my fluids were pouring from my aching pussy.

I began to laugh and repeated, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh’, over and over again.

I lay for a few minutes, with my head in Nikki’s lap, gasping and panting like an overheated leopard and it was a few minutes before I could catch my breath and breathe properly again. Webcam chat wit xxx girls.

I looked around at three smiling faces, all looking down at me.

Oh lord," I said, rather shakily, that was fantastic.

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I have never come like that in my life! The night is young, Anna.

You are going to a wonderful time with us, eh, girls? Oh, yes, Jackie, she certainly is! Hot sexy beautiful girl. When I had recovered sufficiently I saw that Laura was still kneeling between my legs.

I sat up then and pulled her toward me.

I was fascinated by her nipples and had to touch them.

I began to kiss her.

She had a long tongue and soon it was snaking around inside my mouth. Best webcam for porn.

With one hand on the back of her head, the other went straight to her breast and began to cup and tease it.

I could feel her ribs so easily and her nipple pushed stiffly between my fingers.

I trapped it there and rolled it between them, gently pulling at it.

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I couldn’t wait any longer and I broke away from our kiss and began to draw the firm dark point into my mouth.

I sucked it onto the roof of my mouth and trapped it there with my tongue then bit firmly on it, making Laura squeal with a little pain and a lot of pleasure. Free personal sex chat without using creditcard.

I released the suction then and pulled my head back slowly.

I let her nipple stretch as I dragged my teeth along it’s length until I reached the end, where I paused and bit tightly again and let my tongue play around the tip, finally releasing it and starting all over again with the other. Camaragibe woman to fuck.

Whilst this was going on my hand had been busy also.

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I slipped inside her panties and explored the prominent mound and the warm, moist area below.

As she was kneeling with her knees apart her lips were pulled open and my finger traced the furrow from the firm nub of her clitoris down to the soaking, hot opening to her vagina. Sex hot woman.

I let my forefinger slip inside her while I cupped her mound and let my palm press and rub against her clitoris.

I moved my hand back and forth, squeezing and rubbing, entering and exiting, then removing my finger altogether and letting it slip round under her to her tight, slightly prominent, anus. Free jasmine online live webcams screaming.

I dallied there awhile, gently pressing and circling and letting the tip of my finger tease the entrance slightly.

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Laura was moaning loudly now and I returned my finger to her vagina and slipped it back inside, but this time it was accompanied by a second finger. Sexsi hd com.

I could feel her excitement bubbling up and soaking my fingers and hand as it dribbled freely from her each time my fingers withdrew.

Once again, I removed my fingers from her and returned to that lower, tighter place and now fully lubricated slipped one easily inside. Joune_ishi live video sex chat in girls without registered.

Laura increased the pressure on my head as my finger entered her rear and hugged me tight against her breast.

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