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A tale of two loves and a happy marriage One of the greatest English authors, Charles Dickens, wrote a book called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, about Paris and London at the time of the French Revolution.

I mention this because Sue often teases me that the story of our romance and courtship was ‘A Tale of Two Loves’. Gay porno pictures and stories.

With all of my history of failed relationships and anxiety about girls, I gave my heart to Sue far too quickly.

(A trait she advised our only son Donovan against, in her role as mother and romantic coach to avoid his father’s mistakes.

) I fell head-over-heels in love with her right from the get-go, whereas for Sue it was a more slow-burn thing.

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The truth is that after the way her father had behaved towards her mother and family, she didn’t find it easy to trust a guy or give him her heart.

Blessed with a beautiful face, a warm friendly personality and a shapely figure, Sue was always popular with the boys at high school and college. Black fuck buddy wonton sex tonight.

But despite this, because of her hang-ups from her father’s behavior, she’d only had two steady boyfriends before me: Henry, who she dated for the last two years of high school and who was her first lover; and Jared who she dated for her first year at college.

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Jared dumped her just a few weeks before we met, and I guess that was another reason she fell in love with me a lot slower than I fell for her.

But after six months of dating something changed in Sue and she suddenly opened up, as she’d gotten to a point where she knew I’d never hurt her or let her down. India sex webcam.

She was still only nineteen and in the second year of her four-year course, and I was an old man of twenty-three, but when this change happened Sue started moving a lot closer to me in all sorts of ways.

Before, I’d always been the one planning for when we’d next see each other.

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But all of a sudden, whenever we parted she’d be checking with me when we could next be together.

And our previous two or three nights a week together turned into five or six nights, with only my work sometimes keeping us apart.

And most noticeable of all, whenever Sue talked about the future, it was always an ‘us’ and ‘we’ conversation, rather than an ‘I’ and ‘you’ conversation. Photo model sexsi.

As you can imagine, for a guy who’d come to New York questioning whether anyone would ever love him, I was on cloud nine.

We were engaged six months later in November of 1993, and each knowing that we’d found our soul-mate and life-partner we married a year later in November 1994, even though Sue still had a year left of her studies.

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Sue finished her studies in August 1995 and I was so proud of her when she became a fully qualified nurse, although she only worked for a few months as our son, Donovan, arrived in the middle of 1996.

We’d decided to have kids while we were both still young, and with my career going from strength to strength, we could just about afford for Sue to stop work for a few years to look after the kids before they started school. Riley reid pov sex.

Those years were happy years, the only sadness being that we weren’t able to give Donovan a little baby brother or sister.

The doctors told us I had a very low sperm count and that we’d been incredibly lucky for Sue to even conceive Donovan.


Sue and I were obviously sad about this, but we knew there were plenty of people worse off than us, and as Sue’s sister, Jane, was nearby with kids of similar age, at least our little boy had cousins to play with. Home webcam sex video.

And through all of the busyness of work and family life, our love-life developed and stayed strong.

Right back when we were dating, the subject of fantasies had come up and Sue had confessed to some pretty normal fantasies.

Her two most way out ones being to see what it was like to be with two guys at once, or to be dominated by a guy who’d make her do all kinds of naughty things that a good girl like her could only enjoy if she was given no choice.

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I was incredibly nervous to confess my own fantasies.

My fascination with the whole idea of guys who shared their wives and girlfriends with more handsome and virile guys.

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