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His hands, which had gripped her so roughly, were gentle now as he laid his chest against her back and his head on her shoulder and kissed her skin softly. Webcam photo capture.

He stroked her hair and they just lay there for a moment, he still inside her, she still bound, both of them exhausted.

She realised her face was wet with tears, though she could not remember shedding them and for the moment she simply decided not to try and analyse her emotions or her situation, but simply accepted the here and now.

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Simply let herself acknowledge just how wonderful it felt, still in this uncomfortable position, but held safe in his arms, loved and protected and valued for who she was, who she truly was.

"I am proud of you, my love, " he said then, fondly, gently, with love.

"You did so very well.

" Now she did feel the tears return, born of happiness, of love, of finally feeling like she had truly found her place in the world. Hot milf sexy pics. Sexy slut porn.

Of knowing she had done well in his eyes, the only judge she wanted to ever acknowledge.

"Thank you Master, " she whispered, straining her head so she could turn it and meet his eyes.


He smiled at her and kissed her again softly, before slowly moving, pushing himself up and then out of her. Real online sex video.

He was still mostly dressed, only his pants were around his thighs, and he hoisted himself up to the bed beside her with some evident weariness.

She did not move, because she couldn't, she was still bound, and he leant over the moment he was by her side and undid the cords around her wrists gently, then helping her kneel up straight.

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