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He is exactly your type, he is distinguished, handsome and a has large cock.”

Mark was so right, he was exactly my type. Webcam sex in laramie wyoming. I never really thought about it until now. Like yeah I did like the handsome younger power suit type guys, but nobody got me wetter than the George Clooney type. Especially if that man is as well endowed as my dad is….. Camera in the vagina during sex. OMG did I really just think that.


I licked my lips as I savored the flavor of my dad's seed on my tongue. Oh God this is so wrong I kept thinking.


I thought to myself what if this happens again. Birthday city in off sex starting style. Or what the phone call is going to be like when I try to talk to my dad about this. I should probably just text him instead of calling

“Lindsey!” Mark shouted. I finally snapped back to reality and realized that he had been calling me.

“Oh, yeah sorry what?” I said.

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Where did you drift off to?” Mark said.

“Oh sorry I'm just deep in thought.”

“Just really nice,” Mark said chuckling under his breath. I think he made an impression on you?

“No... Girls for sex in swindon. No.

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