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Before they could cum, almost by telepathy, both Hilary and I mounted our partners reverse cowgirl, and we rode them until we all came at almost the same moment.

While the men recovered, Hilary and I made love slowly and sensuously until we each had another very nice orgasm, and then we had a real foursome, Hilary and I in a sixty nine with the two men fucking us. 2sexxybabytsx webcam sex room.

Watching Pete’s cock close up sliding between Hilary’s engorged labia was extremely exciting, and I licked and sucked his balls as he drove into her.

From the sounds they were making, Doug and Pete appeared to be having a really great time too, and after they had ejaculated deep into our wombs, Hilary and I licked each other clean and made each other cum again — you must agree that the ability to have multiple orgasms is one big advantage that women have over men.

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After that we were all pleasantly exhausted so we made our way to bed for a very satisfied and relaxing nights sleep.

Janice stopped and I thought that was all that she had to say, but then she said, "Since that night Pete and I have renewed our marriage vows in front of Hilary and Doug, and our sex life has been as hot as it was when we first married. Mila jovovich sexy pics.

Hilary and I still have our sessions after the gym, but every couple of weeks or so Hilary and Doug come round for a nice dinner, and afterward we always end up in bed together for a night of wonderful lovemaking.

As well as making love to each other's husbands, Hilary and I have entertained them by fucking each other with a strap on, and recently she and I have discussed whether it would be possible to persuade our husbands to let us fuck them in the arse, something that we both agree would be rather fun.

each other
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When she had finished, I thanked Janice for entrusting her story to me.

I told her how relieved my readers would be to know that she and Pete were happily reconciled, and how much pleasure and hope her experience would give to other couples who might be having similar difficulties, and considering a more adventurous sex life. Sex rousia.

I added that I had found it very arousing myself, and I would be telling William all about it that night.

We had been wondering how to spice up our own love life, I said, and the idea of finding another compatible couple to share with sounded just like the sort of arrangement that might work without threatening our marriage. Women in chat rooms looking for sex.


The Comeback I woke up from my nap to the faint sound of several inebriated women engaged in the most explicit conversation.

I confirmed my suspicion by the continued slurring of words like dick and pussy and cum and facials, followed by bouts of hysterical laughter and the occasional sigh. Telugu sex chat in girls.

Upon investigation of the ruckus I discovered a group consisting of a total of seven well dressed women, all looking to be in their early thirties.

Most of them extremely beautiful, but at least two of them gave me the impression they just won the blue ribbon in a tournament of champions dog show. Mobilesex online.

The introduction was short as they all yelled Hi! in unison after my Aunt Lisa referred to me as her little Sweet Pea.


I hated when she called me that as a child and despised it now, especially considering her age was just past double digits when I departed her eldest sister’s womb. Conwy online granny sex chats.

I contributed the age difference to the closeness of our relationship though.

The fact that she allowed me to live in her house rent free while I completed my final year at UNLV made the horrible nick name more tolerable as well.

I politely shook the hands of the other six ladies one by one, noticing Stacy’s grip appeared exceptionally long and flirtatious.

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