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we had been caught.

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It was early in the day.

The sun hadn’t risen and Sara was frazzled, tired and thought she was coming down with a cold, but despite this, as she was running on the treadmill she was still noticing multiple appraising looks from everyone in the gym. Threeway bisex.

Her long blonde hair was pulled back tight, her smooth skin covered in a light sheen of sweat, her hair was a quality that both women and men loved.

If worn down, it could almost cover her toned ass now in tight black running shorts.

Sara’s thoughts were filled with her three-year-old twins who were sick and her job as an attorney at a local housing non profit was occupying much of her time.

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It helped that her job was a quick walk from her top floor loft apartment she shared with her husband.

Sara had been married to Chad, an older, silver haired, hedge fund manager for 14 years.

Years ago, when she was a new attorney working for Chad’s bank her life changed. Sex granny webcam.

Even then he had a distinguished look: tall, broad shoulders and piercing brown eyes that smoldered.

Those brown eyes focused on her early on in meetings.

Her neck flushed red when she noticed his focus on her and turned away.

After the meeting those eyes gazed up and down her body as he shook her hand. Pusechka25 online pornstar sexy videos.

Sara’s knees went weak.

She ignored his repeated advances, but she could sense his eyes on her during meetings and it would electrify her body.


Her constant mention of her fiance James just seemed to embolden him.

He grinned at her and never responded when she would bring up his name. Latex teen webcam.

It took three months before she found herself one afternoon in an empty stairwell, her tight skirt hiked up and her legs wrapped around his waist as he thrust into her.

Chad filled her, stretched her out and hit all her spots just right, she gasped for air, before his large hand covered her cries. Free online gay interracial sex.

She dug her nails into his tailored suit jacket as she moaned against his hand.

Afterwards when she was straightening her hair and putting herself back together she noticed a scuff at the back of her left black heel.

It was scratched from the rough concrete wall that Chad repeatedly pushed her up against.

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She kept the scratch there and every time she wore those shoes she nearly came thinking about that moment.

Sara had three orgasms in that stairwell, but she would soon wish that it had ended there.

That was years ago and things were different, slightly. Hot and sexy p.

As she was running she was making eyes in the mirror with a guy behind her.

Chad worked and travelled a lot.

While those early days still turned Sara on, she knew but didn’t have the energy to prove that Chad enjoyed many a stairwell romp with many young women since then. Sex chat no email.

Chad began to pull away when the excitement wore off and especially since they had children.

She had to admit that despite the fact that Chad was no longer warm with her and that she no longer loved him she hated to admit that he could still turn those brown eyes at her, those eyes that barely hid a smoldering, intense, sexual power over her.

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There was that moment a month ago while they were arguing about his absences when he looked at her and she went quiet.

Her knees went weak and despite herself, as he backed her into their walk-in closet, she found herself seated on the cushioned ottoman with her robe open and his beautiful cock in her mouth. Porno web chat online.

She attacked it hungrily and even after he came, she found herself on her knees up against the ottoman as he fucked from behind.

With his cum still on her breath as she yelled with pleasure, Sara thought about how much she hated Chad, but the hatred she felt was surpassed by the heat and radioactive power that coursed through her body as she came. Mistress sex with slave.


She wanted to hold back and deny him her pleasure, but she screamed in anger and ecstasy.

He made her so wet that there was a pool on carpet between her knees.

Thirty minutes later, with her mascara running and robe ajar she lay on the ground and wondered what it would have been like if she never met him. Girl at work webcam.

She ran harder and harder as her anger coursed through her.

Sara was never proud about what her anger made her do.

The man she had been looking at was tall, young and muscular.

He had a shaved head and dark skin.

You waiting for this, she asked while she ran and smiled. Fuck tonight townville south carolina.

I was never much for running, he said.

But I like the chase.

My name is… I don’t care.

Sara turned the treadmill off and began to slow down.


She grabbed a towel and while dabbing her forehead stared at him.

Skip your shower and meet me in the lobby.

In the back seat of her luxury SUV parked in the garage she pulled his shorts down. Free sex to night chat lines messages.

Sara kissed down his muscular chest, and licked the salt off his stone cold abs, her hands caressing his balls.

I usually don’t do this, he said between gasps.

His dark cock was rock hard.

She looked up at him with her blue eyes, through those blonde locks splayed out everywhere. Sex addict chat.

Sara smiled as she circled the head of his dick with a long manicured nail.

We can always stop if you want, she said with no feeling.

Her other hand still caressing him.

Oh God no, please don’t stop.

Don’t stop what? she cooed.

She ran her hand up and down gently, teasing him.

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Don’t stop, never stop.

Sara tightened her grip with her thumb and forefinger and licked the head and made small sucking kisses on the top of it’s smooth head.

It was a decent penis, she thought, one that would work for now.

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