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Oh, how badly I was dreading going to school.

The silver lining in all of it though was the fact that I could work on my project – Mr.

Shuffield, obviously – and possibly make some progress.

Ha! Who am I kidding? I’m no closer to seducing him than the Cleveland Browns are to reaching the Super Bowl. Albinochka44 webcam profile.

Damn, and that’s pretty fucking far.

I slipped into a pair of tight fitting jeans with a low cut blouse that seemed to enhance my breasts.

Like I really needed the help there.

Like I said, I hate the fucking mellow-yellow, bullshit drama.

Not even two hours into the school day and there’s already been a fight, rumors being spread around that Katie McDaniels and Josh Perry are now fucking and that she’s possibly pregnant with his kid, and now for the big time rumor and you’ll never guess what it is… that I’m fucking Mr.

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Shuffield! I’m not gonna deny it of course because I’m wishing it were actually true! It’s actually pretty comical because of the way the rumor got started.

Apparently I was hanging all over him before class – sitting on the edge of his desk is what I was actually doing – and being flirtatious with him in a completely inappropriate way. Brooksy webcam.

I’m gonna have to call bullshit on that one because all I was doing was trying to be friendly and have a conversation with him.

I’m slightly offended because I wouldn’t be so careless about my intentions of trying to fuck him like that.


No, I’ve been very stealth-like regarding the other students. Jennifer tilly sex tape.

There’s no way I would ruin this man’s career over a piece of meaningless ass.

I just want his cock – even if it’s just one time – and be done with it.

Maybe after graduation I might tell a friend or three, but until then, I’m keeping a vow of silence regarding our sexual encounter – assuming I’m able to pull it off. First swing live sex cam.

Anyways, apparently Bethany Sharp wants to fuck him as well.

That’s why she started the rumor that he and I were fucking.

Dumb bitch…all you’re doing is digging your grave deeper and deeper.


All you did is give me an opening.

And once I capitalize, then you can have my sloppy seconds. Jellybhabes2 cougar sex cam.

But until then, you need to keep my name out of your slutty mouth.

We’re gonna go over a slide show of what happened to Lehman’s and AIG just before their bankruptcy, Mr.

Shuffield began as he turned toward the class before turning on the projector, when you have sixty-four billion dollars in assets, you definitely need more than twenty-six billion dollars of stock holder equity to prevent a panic and meltdown of your banking system. Shared porno free old men older man sex movies.


With those numbers comes a pretty high leverage ratio.

At one point, Lehman’s gross leverage ratio was near 30:1.

That’s way too high to get by on.

But as time went by, they were able to drop that down to 21:1.

They were doing all the right things before going bankrupt. Black women fucking kentucky.

But their net leverage was actually down to around 10:1, which is the stuff they were actually economically responsible for.

What the fuck are you talking about, guy? I’m sitting there trying to wrap my head around all the figures he’s throwing at us and it’s doing nothing but causing me confusion along with a nice little headache from trying to focus on what he’s saying.

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I noticed, however, that his looks kept coming my way.

I could’ve been seeing things, but I was pretty sure he was looking at me whenever possible.

But that look in his eyes from a few weeks ago was back.

I felt my pulse begin to race and the butterflies start to flutter in my stomach as that familiar feeling over took me. Katie cleary sexy.

I was definitely becoming aroused.

My panties were quickly collecting my juices as he continued to lecture the class.

A sudden feeling of uneasiness began to settle in.

Was he planning on seducing me? Or was my imagination going like crazy once again?

I’m not sure how to handle a grown ass man wanting me. How to make a photo with webcam.

Wait, that’s if he actually does want me.

We’ll see what happens after class.

Oh God, I think I’m gonna puke… I just happened to look over at little Miss Bethany Sharp to witness her just staring at Mr.

Shuffield with dreamy eyes.

But the funny and ironic thing about the situation – he wasn’t even looking her way! Ethiopian gril free porno. He may have glanced at her once or twice – and for her sake was a good thing, considering how obvious she was being about her infatuation with him – but nothing more than a quick second before he looked my way again.

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