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Oh, fuck! I could smell her, too! But I only had a moment to bask in the memory before Rachel was once again fucking my throat, using my face like her personal cunt, cramming her big dildo into me. Non cam sex chat.

Use me , I begged silently, gagging and choking and drooling down my chest.

Use me, fuck my face, take me! It was difficult to endure and yet exhilarating to be taken so shamefully and willingly.

Deep thrusts and a pressed face, follwed by relief, heavy breathing and Rachel slapping her toy against my cheeks, laughing evilly, assisted by Dana, oh, lovely caring and wonderful Dana, fingering my cunt, holding me close to my orgasm.

"She ready yet?" I heard Dean's voice call out.

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I looked his way and he returned the stare, aghast at the slutty sloppy mess of me, my bare ass stuck out and Dana's fingers up inside me, my tear-streaked cheeks advertising my exquisite discomfort, my pretty tee shirt soaked through in the front and sticking to my tits and my open mouth stretched wide, impaled on Rachel's long black toy cock.

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I froze and Dana slipped a wet finger up my slit to stroke my button.

Rachel pulled out and I drooled a mouthful of saliva down my chin as I cried out to the world, but looking at him.

"Oh, fuck, yes, make me cum, fuck I'm gonna cum!" His face split into a wide grin, showing straight white beautiful teeth.

"Oh, yeah, she's ready.

" He reached for the waistband of his jeans and pulled them open, but my head was turned back to Rachel and I was impaled again.

"You gotta earn it, slut!" she laughed, fucking my face again.

College sex webcam.