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How about I wait until about six-ish? I have a couple pieces of chicken marinating, and was gonna crack a bottle of Chablis to go with them.

I’d be happy to bring them over, and do them up on your grill.

Good idea.

I’ll call my daughter and tell her to forget dinner tonight. Sex anabel.

Oh, Betty, don’t do that.

I mean, if you have plans, don’t cancel them on my account.

Oh, they’re not plans really.

She worries about me not cooking.

Because it’s so hard to cook for one, you know – anyway, she insists on bringing over food three nights a week. Www skype online sex chat.

I’ll just tell her I have a gentleman friend coming for dinner.

She’s been bugging me to date ever since her father died.

So she can just think whatever she wants to.

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And then she winked.



I’ll finish this mowing, and I’ll see you later.

I gave the mower rope a pull, and It sprang to life. Columbus sex chat.

Now, you have to understand, I’m no Spring chicken.

Sixty seven is creeping up on me in just a few months, but Betty – well – Betty is my mom’s age.

Mom would have been eighty six this month, had she lived.

I think Betty may be a year or two younger or older, but, let’s face it: after about sixty, a year or two doesn’t make much difference, in either looks or stamina. Goldstarx sex porno chat 3d free.

Hell, for lots of us, five or ten years doesn’t mean much.

Oh, a new prescription for stronger blood pressure medicine, and maybe fresh goggles or hearing aids, but that’s about it, really.

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We get up and look in the mirror, and see our parents staring back at us, and we pluck a few more grey eyebrows, so we won’t look like Andy Rooney, but really, the aging process is so slow and imperceptible that we really don’t see much difference in a year or even a decade. Pornstars getting throat fucked.

It’s funny, though.

I find myself more attracted to sixty, seventy and eighty-somethings than twenty or thirty-year-old kids.

And, yes, I realize that things sag.

Can you say ‘gravity’? he asked in his best imitation Mr Rogers voice.

All these thoughts were going through my head as I mindlessly walked around in circles behind the mower, terrorizing the poor little grasshoppers. Sexysmexy88 naked cam chat.

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And no, Dear Reader, you are not going to be regaled with huge ropes of thick creamy cum.

Nowadays, mostly what I shoot is thin and watery.

But I take a certain satisfaction (no pun intended) in knowing that my days of accidentally impregnating someone are probably over. Sex let video skachat.

And, having recently tasted it (don’t we all?) I can definitely say it tastes better (at least, to me) than it used to.

There is none of the salty, acid taste it used to have, when it was full of little swimmers.


I found myself a little jittery as I opened the gate, and let myself into Betty’s back yard. Karenkitty webcam.

I feel like a high school kid, on my first date with the Head of the Cheerleader squad, I thought to myself.

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Then I amended that thought: Well – not exactly.

I didn’t expect to get laid when I took her out.

That was an extra little surprise.

I smiled to myself as I remembered. Sex chats in malayalam to read.

What are you thinking? You look like the cat that ate the canary.

Betty met me at the back door.

Oh nothing.

Just laughing at myself for feeling a little nervous, I lied.

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