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Lifting the shopping bag from the floor she began to empty the contents onto the table; she reached up to the shelf and lifted down two mugs and was washing the second one when she realised she was on her own.

She stopped and looked out of the window; the layer of cloud was almost black with a bright strip of blue at the far horizon; a flood of deep red light flowed towards her across the hilly landscape as the bottom edge of the sun seemed to cut through the turbulent ceiling. Bollywood hard core sex kissing photo and.

A tear ran down her cheek and she brushed it away roughly as the blazing red disc turned the world beneath the clouds into a crimson vista.


This is what I should have shown you Alan.

she slipped her purse from the shopping bag and opened it carefully; extracting a small passport of a dark haired man in his mid-twenties laughing wildly. Sport sex porno.

will I ever stop crying Alan? Will I ever stop hurting? A moment later the sun appeared fully beneath the cloud layer as it dropped towards the horizon; shadows stretching rapidly across the hills, the clouds seeming to boil and froth as they turned a bright red. Little webcam porno.

She watched the landscape darken and the clouds pale from their fiery red through to pink till the sun disappeared beneath the horizon and the colours fled away across the canopy.


She carefully replaced the photograph as she remembered the storm barely two months previously and almost half a world away.

---------------- They had dived beneath the canvas already soaked to the skin, laughing and smiling; they had pulled off their wet clothing in the close confines of the tent; the laughter had turned to kisses that had turned to caresses that had turned to slow sweet love-making. Sex webcam roulete.

She had screamed loudly as she came; her rapture fighting against the noise of the hammering of the rain on the flimsy material above his head.

As they both lay entwined in post-orgasmic bliss he had remembered the satellite phone left outside where they had watched elephants wander across the savannah towards the local drinking hole.

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She had told him to leave it till the morning or at least till the rain had stopped; it was safe enough in its water-proof holder.

He said it might get washed away.

She said they could cope without it; they were both reasonably experienced.

He said it was only a hundred yards away. Ssofia free chat cam sex no sign in required.

She wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock, feeling the slickness of their combined juices upon his flesh slowly drying.

He grinned, telling her he would only be a moment.

She lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean.

He hesitated before kneeling and reassuring her it would be okay.

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She frowned at him before sliding her hand back to her still-wet pussy; slipping two fingers deep inside; his eyes fixed upon her slit.

You’d better hurry! she declared.

She watched him pull open the tent, a waterproof coat pulled over his head; his pale bare ass atop his tanned legs as he disappeared into the darkness. Sexyjuicy porn star live chat.

She began to twist her fingers inside her pussy as her left hand reached down to roll her clit beneath her first and fore-fingers.

She never came.

He never came back.

---------------- Huge black spots began to appear on the concrete path leading up to the front door, first one, then two, then four; she looked down at her silhouette etched on the grey surface by the single bulb hanging in the room behind her.

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Her shadow moved slightly as the breeze stiffened flowing past her; she heard the fire in the hearth crackle as the burning logs were fed with fresh air.

She watched her shape slowly disappear as rain came down harder turning the path black; it felt like she was disappearing along with her shadow. Sexy men on cam.

Stepping forwards she turned her face upwards to the flow of water from invisible heavens.

Her hair quickly matted to her skull before she shook herself from her reverie and returned to smoky warmth of the house.

Opening her case she lifted out the towel (Alan had always put his towel in last, covering his clothes and tucking it down the sides of the case; she had never asked him why but had always smiled when she saw him packing) and hung it over a chair in front of the fire.

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