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When we sat down I could sense Carol's excitement about the night ahead.

Tom and Harry walked in a few minutes later.

We waved them over.

I stood up and shook their hands and gestured for them to sit in the booth.

They sat in the rounded booth with Carol in between them. Live streaming sex channels.

Carol greeted both of them with soft passionate open mouth kisses, tongues twirling.

We chatted for a few minutes then I said, "Let's go up to our room.

" On the way I ordered champagne.

In the elevator Carol kissed me passionately and said, "Oh Dick, thank you, thank you.

" The honeymoon suite was gorgeous. Bitchyone4u porno video dla mobilnogo telefonu.

In the bedroom there was a California King bed, end tables and a sitting area.

In the living room were two couches and several chairs.


The bath was sumptuous with a giant Jacuzzi, and a shower big enough for several people with numerous jets.

I poured some champagne and Carol sat between them on the couch. Rayriccio download aplikasi video chatting sex webcam for android.

I put on some soft music and took Carol in my arms.

We swayed to the music and I pulled Carol's skirt up exposing her nakedness.

I said, "Let's get out of these clothes.

" I looked at the three of them naked.

Tom was tall and lanky, in good shape and a long thin cock with a wide crown head. Sexythai girls pics.

His expression was of happy disbelief.

Harry was of medium height, stocky build and a thick cock.

He was smiling and grinning.

Carol was magnificent, her long lustrous hair, her face shining with happiness and lust, her lips crimson red, her beautiful breasts flushed, nipples hard and ready, her curves perfect and her bald mound damp with anticipation.

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She took them by their hands and led them to the bed.

She had them sit with their cocks pointing straight up, veins popping.

Carol knelt in front of them and started gently stroking their cocks.

She bent over and took Tom's cock in her mouth and slathered it with her tongue and started sucking on the sensitive head. Black ebony live sex.

While she was sucking Tom she continued to stroke Harry.

She let Tom pop out of her mouth and took Harry's cock and put it between her breasts.

Tit fucking is something both Carol and I love.

Their cocks were vibrating and their veins red and angry looking. Sexy bunny boy.

I sat in a chair and watched them with love and lust in my eyes.

Carol had them get on their backs and she got between them.

They each took a breast and caressed and suckled on it.


Carol sighed and then took a cock in each hand and stroked it.

There was a gentleness in these two young men we had just met. Porn video teens webcams.

They skimmed their hands all over Carol's body.

Tom started to finger fuck her and Harry was kissing Carol and caressing her body.

Carol started moaning and her body was flushed red with arousal.

They were all wanton in their pursuit of sexual pleasure.

I kept masturbating to the sight of Carol and her young lovers. Adelarose exhibitionist wife webcam live.

My cock was so hard it was like a painful pleasure.

Tom's finger fucking intensified, the sounds and aroma of her wetness filled the room.

He turned Carol over and started fingering her ass.

Carol started humping the mattress and pushing her ass back to his fingers.

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Her hand was under her body fingering her clit.

Carol moaned, "I need someone to fuck me now!" Harry knelt behind her and gently opened her vaginal lips.

He bent down to kiss her and then put his prick in her cunt.

He started to slowly fuck her.

Tom got underneath Carol and started licking her cunt while Harry fucked her. Fuck friends akron.

Carol moaned, "Fuck me Lick me fuck me lick meeee, my fucking god.

" Harry kept fucking and Tom kept licking.

Harry's balls were bouncing of off Tom's face.

Tom licked everything he could get his tongue on.

They all were fiercely lost in lust.

Gone was the gentleness. Photography of sexy women.

This was pure sex.

I kept stroking my cock.

Pre cum leaked onto my hand and it served as a lubricant.


Harry's face turned red and he was sweating.

Carol bent down and took Tom's cock in her mouth.

He groaned.

Carol squealed, "I'm coming, I'm coming fuck fuck cunt prick, Lick me.

" Harry grabbed Carol's hips and pulled her to him. Zoeybaby anymous text sex chat eith a man.

Tom sucked her cunt.

They were uncontrollable.

The sights, aroma and squishing sounds sent me over the edge.

As I came the three of them groaned and came.

There was a quiet in the room as everyone came down of off their sexual highs.

Tom and Harry held Carol and caressed her. Webcam flashers.

Carol was still throbbing.

I came over to her and said, "I love you Carol, I love you more than ever.

" The four of us decided we needed a shower.

We all fit into the large shower.

Carol was the focus of our soaping and cleaning.


I got hard again and Carol put her hands on the shower tiles and bent down and took my cock in her mouth. Korean naked ass boobs sex.

I groaned.

My cock was enveloped in her warm wet mouth.

Tom and Harry were caressing her.

I felt the familiar tension in my cock and shot load after load into her welcoming mouth.

Tom and Harry by now were hard again and were stroking their pricks.

They groaned and came all over Carol and me. Live sex sex cam.

We started over with cleaning Carol.

It was getting late and we were all drained.

I said to Tom and Harry, "You're welcome to spend the night.

" The four of us fell onto the giant bed and cuddled.

I fell asleep in Carol's arms.

Somewhere in the middle of the night I woke up to a shaking bed. Sex and the city movie stream online.


Tom was fucking Carol's cunt and Harry was fucking her ass.

I gripped my reawakened cock and stroked to the rhythm of their fucking.

Carol groaned, "I need cock, I need more cock, I'm cominggggg.

" I exploded coming all over my self.

Tom and Harry were grunting and groaning. Fucked girlfriend at home and cumshot on the face. amateur porno tube.

They both came in Carol.

It was a cum filled night.

We all drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Tom and Harry got up and said they had to get going.

As a farewell thank you Carol sucked both of them off.

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