Forceful facefucking.

Forceful facefucking.

Take it slowly.

Caress your stomach and glide your hand up to your breasts.


Cup your tits and then caress them all over.

I want to see your nipples get firm.

" Susan was being wonderfully obedient, following Xavier's every word.

It was relieving for her to simple react. Sweetandreea sex.

She didn't have to think, or wonder about the impact of her commands on others.

She could simply respond and not worry about pissing anyone off, or making the wrong decision.

At this, Xavier begin to rub his growing cock through his jeans.

Xavier continued, "Scoot to the edge of the mattress and spread your legs, so that I have a nice view of your pussy.

" Susan complied, slowly spreading her legs for Xavier. Chat wap sexo.


This was too much for him, and he removed his jeans and underwear and began to stroke his now fully erect cock.

"You are so hot, sweetheart.

Can you see me stroking myself? All I can think about is the taste of your pussy.

Your legs in those heels absolutely send me. Chat room fucking woman.

Now, close your eyes, tilt your head back, and massage your pussy lips.

" But Susan was already there.

She wanted this release.

She wanted to tease Xavier.

It aroused her to think of Xavier watching her as he pumped his penis.

She had dispensed with the self-foreplay and was aggressively stroking her clit. Naked girls webcam.

Her tits were heaving and jiggling with the motion of her hand.

"Let me hear you, love", pleaded Xavier.

"I want to know what you're thinking.


I want to hear your heavy breath, your soft moans.

Don't hold back, gorgeous.

" "Oh my god, X.

" Susan whimpered.

"You have no idea how wet I am. Mens health anal sex.

I'm thinking about you eating me.

Lick it, X.

Taste my pussy.

Oh, fuck me, X!" This was all too much for Xavier.

Hearing Susan sent him over the edge.

"God, babe, here you go, just for you.

" With that, he exploded, and a strong stream of cum made a complete mess of his desk, with subsequent smaller loads of semen landing all over. Porn webcam dildo hard.

He didn't know that he could produce that much cum.

Susan continued to work her clit.

She glanced at her phone long enough to see Xavier's eruption, and her orgasm came in a rush.

"Fuck! Oh yes!" She thrust herself backward and was now laying down, her back arched, while her legs twitched in ecstasy.

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Her fingers were slick, and she held them up for Xavier to see before taking them into her mouth, patiently licking each digit before sucking on all of her fingers at once.

"Thank you, love.

Wish you were her to suck my fingers clean," commented Susan.

"No Susan, thank you. Free fuck buddies in corona.

That was about as intense an orgasm as I've ever had.

I can taste your delicious pussy now.

I want to feel your wetness running down my chin.

God, that was hot.

Maybe we've discovered something new here?" XXXXXXXXXX After Susan returned home from her trip, things picked up a bit. Sex chat india.

She was more adventurous.

She even asked Xavier what he thought about her buying a vibrator.


She thought it might be nice to have on the road with her during her frequent travels.

Xavier loved the idea and encouraged her to get one.

She also seemed to reacquire her fondness for Xavier's cum. Live sex free sex.

When they were dating, and in the first few years of their marriage, it seemed like she couldn't get enough.

It was as if it gave her a secret superpower.

She loved the control that giving him a blow job gave her.

She rarely let him jerk himself off on her breasts when he got close. My first sex teacher mrs hayes.

She wanted to suck him dry.

Hearing Xavier lose control to feel the quivering of his legs sometimes was enough to bring her to orgasm.

She liked to rub herself with one hand, and stroke his shaft with the other.


Xavier was loving it, of course.

Forceful facefucking.