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To admire the beauties of each country in her own time rather than being rushed around shops and tourist attractions like she would if she had brought friends or family. "I promise you I'll be fine on my own, don't fret. Iphone live sex chat room free mobil. Okay?"

"Okay," Ashley replied, confirming that Nessa's pleads and reasoning had been sincere and convincing enough to reassure her friend.

They chatted about what Nessa would do when she got there and what gifts she would bring back for Ashley and Emma.

Vanessa looked at her watch and quickly gathered her things, rounding up her conversation with Ashley then quickly ended the call after saying her goodbyes. Katypola free online chat sex girl. She'd miss Ashley, she'd miss her mom; but she would probably Skype them occasionally.

Vanessa shed a few tears when she gave her mother her last hug before she turned away to catch her flight to her first destination: Greece.

~One month later~

After two weeks in Greece, two weeks in Spain and one day in this new country she'd arrived in—Germany—she was beginning to know more about Europe, she'd learned words in different languages, she'd tasted each cuisine.

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