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I had forgotten that Susan didn't dance.

She must have been bored out of her mind.

So, I agreed.

oOo The car ride home was quiet and almost somber because my thoughts were elsewhere.

I couldn't take my mind off Paula and her bizarre behavior—that and the garden kiss were foremost on my mind. Porn sex condom gif.

Susan slid over next to me.

What have I done? Have I jeopardized my marriage on our twenty-first anniversary? She noticed my angst and said, What's the matter? Nothing.

I'm sorry.

My mind was a million miles away.

I was thinking how strange tonight has been. Sexy housewife f dating in mumbai totally free.

If you're thinking about what happened between us, you know that kiss was nothing more than two old friends having a little too much to drink.



But it seemed pretty authentic to me.

Susan, I've never told you this before, but I had a terrible crush on you when we were in college. Sexy photos and sexy photos.

If you remember, I was extremely shy back then.

The first time we met was at a frat party where we briefly chatted.

I couldn't take my eyes off you.

I vaguely remember that.

Anyway, by the time I’d mustered up the courage to ask you out, Scotty beat me to it. Lesbian sex chat related to omegle.

Then… I met Paula.

She was flamboyant and bigger than life.

She was tired of waiting for me to make the move, so she did.

The rest is history and we married a year later.

This is like deja vu for me.

That kiss brought back a flood of memories.

That's sweet, Tony but that was eons ago. Irishka7 sex me canada girl.


Tonight was just a kiss, so don't make too much out of it.

As we approached the house, it was completely dark and I chastised myself for not leaving at least a porch light on.

I opened the garage door and drove inside.

When I entered, I turned on the lights and sound system. Sex hd live tv.

It just happened to be on a soft rock station.

I offered Susan a drink.

I'll have whatever you’re having, she replied.


Beer it is.

That's fine.

She smiled.

I handed her a Sam Adams and we discussed her daughter Gina and my son Brad.

We both only had one child and they had been dating since high school. Clara sex.

Gina was every bit as pretty as her mom.

Brad seemed to favor Paula more than me with his thick dark hair and olive skin.

At least he inherited my pragmatic nature.


After talking a while I asked Susan, Would you like to dance? You know I don't dance.

I never learned. Actor porno lex.

My folks sent me to a private religious high school that forbade dancing.

I was embarrassed in college because I couldn't dance… so I avoided it.

How would you like to learn? Anyone can learn to dance.

Right now? Of course.

We’ll start with the basics.

I changed my sound system to softer dance music and then walked up to her, held out my hand, and asked, May I have this dance? Sexy girls web cam. I would be delighted, kind sir.

She giggled.

Put your hand on my waist and follow me.

This is a simple box step.

We'll take it slow.

Watch my feet and follow me.

One, two, three, four, one, two, three four.

That's it! Good job! It's the same going the other way back or forward.

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One, two, three four… See? Who said you couldn't dance? Oh, Tony, you're a wonderful teacher! I can't believe I’m actually doing it! You're a natural.

Now try and feel the music in your movement.

Relax your frame and sway to the beat… that's it.

Perfect. Twink webcam show.

We continued that for a while until I thought she had the basics.

Then, I changed the music to a country western station and taught her the Texas two-step.

It was a bit more complicated for her and some toes got stepped on, but Susan was giggling with delight. Sexy photography names.

I held up her hand and she spun, then I dipped her and spontaneously gave her a kiss.

I don't know why I've never tried this before, she murmured.

Thank you, my dearest friend.


She returned my kiss.

Susan, can I ask you something? Sure.

Does this evening seem a bit off to you? Sex video amia miley. I don't know what you mean, she answered softly.

I stopped dancing and held her at arm’s length with my hands on her shoulders.

She looked nervous as I looked intently in her face and studied her reaction.

The mood was broken.

You know exactly what I'm saying, don't you? Lewis hamilton nicole scherzinger sex. Suddenly, I heard someone clear their throat.

I looked around and found Scott and Paula smiling at us.

Tony was giving me dance lessons, Susan explained.

He taught me the box-step and Texas two-step! If we hadn't shown up, Tony might have shown you how to dance the horizontal mambo, Paula sarcastically expressed. Seksi-girllll live reciprocal webcam.


Don't be ridiculous, I said.

We were just dancing—nothing that came close to how you two were dancing at the club earlier… Practically having sex on the dance floor.

Touche, dear.

Paula grinned.

How about we open that bottle of wine? I suggest we have some coffee instead. Online mobile sex chat.

I think we've all had enough to drink.

I walked into the kitchen.

Paula, I could use your help.

I think you can handle a pot of coffee.

It's not exactly rocket science, dear.

Besides, I need to keep our guests entertained.

I'll help you.

Susan volunteered, following me. Lakeview female ebony want man for sex.

I put five scoops in the filter, poured the water in the reservoir, and turned it on.

It immediately started making that gurgling sound.

Remind me to buy one of those quiet espresso machines.


Tony, I've had a wonderful evening.

I just wanted to thank you. Free sex chat web cam arb.

Susan kissed me on the cheek.

I looked in her bright brown eyes and replied, The pleasure was truly mine.

Could you take out the mugs while I get the condiments? I don't use condiments, I'm on the pill.

She chuckled Very funny.

We walked back to the living room, carrying the service tray and noticed Paula and Scott move away from each other like a couple of teenagers that got caught making out. Jessicasaenz free no e mail sex chat.

My wife looked flushed in the face, including her chest.

Scott looked away and avoided eye contact with me.

Time out, I said.

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