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You share in those whenever you touch my body.

" "Then let me catch my breath and touch me again.

" Lisa quipped.

"I am not that sort of pasta!" The putative deity snapped, then realized Lisa had been joking and returned to making apologies.

Eventually the pasta pulled itself together.

"If only you had chosen a more useful deity to not believe in," it continued, "I might have done something useful like cure disease or end world hunger. Home sex cams list.

Instead I am an omnipotent letcher who can't keep his eye-stalks off the naked bodies of nubile females and dreaming of covering them in rich warm sauce.

" "Take it slowly," Lisa tried to persuade, "you are new to this existence thing.

It is harder than you think.

" "No I am not!" the deity replied, "I am the prime mover, remember?

Free live mature sex. I am older than the universe, older than existence itself.

This is not the natal ennui you mistake it for.

This is my mid-life existential crisis and you have imagined me to be infinite in time and space, I am two billion years into it already and because I am fucking prescient, I also know that I have another ten billion to come.

" Lisa felt terrible, "But I believe in you? Tamanna bhatia sex. Why are you still here?" "It isn't just you, it's your audience.

Eight million, six hundred thousand streams.

Number one hashtag on Twitter.

They still think I am a clever hoax.

" "Can't an omnipotent deity persuade them otherwise?" "Perhaps I can.

" the pasta replied, "Do I have your permission?" Lisa nodded, not quite understanding what the deity was planning.

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A noodly appendage shot out from the mass, wrapping itself around her waist, opening up her sex and penetrating her.

At the same time another appendage shot out at the webcam, somehow transmuted itself into digital form and emerged through eight million displays to reach out and touch Lisa's audience in the same manner as their host. Philippine picture sex storey virgin.

Ten million bodies jerked and writhed for almost a minute, covering the deity's tendrils in juice and cum.

For a brief moment almost two percent of the entire world population were joined together in one great global orgiastic chain of being.

The orgasm of the century, the milenium. Harleecope free live969 porno chat.


The strands disappeared and Lisa thought that the plan must have worked.

But only until her sight returned and she was again standing naked in front of a quivering mass of spaghetti that was rather bigger and a lot sadder than before.

"It's no use," concluded the monster glumly, "You created me in your own image and so I disbelieve in myself and being both omnipotent and omnipresent makes that an incredibly strong disbelief. Women want sex british 34209.

I can only stop existing if I start believing in myself.

" Lisa tried to comfort the creature by stroking his appendages but the waves of bliss this created forced her to stop.

The floating mass began to sob quietly to itself.

"Could I make a request?" "Anything," Lisa replied without hesitation.

"Cover yourself in sauce and let me wrap myself around you.

" "You want to eat me?" Lisa asked.

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For some strange reason this did not cause her to panic.

It was almost logical.

Perhaps if Lisa was consumed by the deity, a paradox would be created whereby the end of her existence would result in its cause ceasing to exist which would by necessity mean that it had never existed, thus ensuring her survival. Sugarscarlet sex live besplatni.

It seemed worth a try: There could hardly be a better way to go.

"No, I want you to eat me, or at least try.

" "Eat you?" Lisa recoiled in horror, "Eat you to death?" "It won't hurt me, I promise," the monster replied, stroking Lisa's hair with his tentacles, "It won't even harm me, I'm sure.

" "Then why?" Lisa sighed.

"Ratings, baby, ratings," came the reply, "I am a jealous God and I covet other God's ratings.

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Ten million isn't enough any more, now I want twenty.

" The deity ended the discussion by wrapping an appendage round Lisa's waist and holding her above his head.

Lisa buckled as she was again hit by wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Another appendage grabbed the ladle and dripped a thin line of bolognese along the girl's naked body from her throat to her sex. Fuck girls from malta pa.

Orgasm after orgasm flowed through Lisa's body as his tentacles wrapped around her naked body, touching and caressing and penetrating every fiber of her being.

The creature's eye-stalks quivered with delight as his sauce covered tendrils penetrated Lisa's mouth and sex.

"I love you!" Lisa gasped.

"I b.

" The deity began, then quietly disappeared before it could finish.

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