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Do you understand?” She bowed her head, “Yes sir.

” “You are lucky I do not send you to the Headmaster's office.

What do you say?” “Thank you, sir.

” “Good, now lean over the desk with your hands in front of you. Fuck girl in great falls montana.

” She did as told, bending at the waist to lean over my desk.

Her skirt rode up even more, to the point that I could see the bottom curves of her ass checks.

I stepped up behind her and pushed her skirt up above her waist. Sarrahjoy sex cam.

She jumped at the action.

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It was school policy to spank only outside of the clothes, but I didn’t care and besides, I wanted to teach her a lesson.

I paused to stare at the red lace thong she wore.

“This is against dress code as well. Demetrasex fantasia demetrags.

” I said tracing the thin silk ribbon between her cheeks.

She shivered at the touch.

What have you to say for yourself?” “I am sorry, sir.

” She whispered.

“I will have to confiscate them.

Stand up and remove them.

” I stepped back and she complied, handing me her panties with down cast eyes.

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Your skirt too.

” I remarked as she turned away.

She looked at me with frightened eyes, “But sir – “ “Do as your told Amelia or you will be punished more.

” I interrupted.

This was very important to me.

I’d be fantasizing about this girl for months. Sexy blonde pictures.

She swallowed but removed her skirt, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

Now she was naked from the waist down as she leaned over the desk.

Before each slap you will say, ‘Please sir I need to be punished’ and after you will say ‘Thank you sir I needed to be punished’ and you will not cry out. Porno tube mary carey.

Do you understand?” “Yes sir.

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