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His hands reach between my legs and slide up my thighs.

Sadly, he walks away and I know he is going into his bag of tricks.

As he walks back towards me I hear the clink of metal.

He puts a clamp on one of my pussy lips and when his hand moves away I can feel a slight weight tugging down. Live sex latinas videos.

He then puts one on the other side.

"Now I am going out for a minute," he says.

"You are to stay in this position.

Do you undertand?" "Yes sir," I mumble, slightly disappointed that he's leaving.

He slaps my ass hard and says, "Pardon? I didn't hear that.

" "Yes sir," I repeat a little louder for him.

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He pauses for a minute, and I know he is watching me.

He takes my leash and places it so it trails down my back.

I hear the door shut and I am left standing against the wall, blinded by the mask.

My arms are a little sore from being above my head, but the cold against my hard nipples is turning me on and I'm worried that I'm getting so wet down below that the clamps will slide off of me. Free live sex chat 2 way.

After about five minutes that felt like an hour, I hear him return into the room.

He comes up behind me and rubs his hands all over my body.

"That's my girl," he says as he turns me around and kisses me again.


I feel his hard cock against my thigh and I want to reach down and touch it but I know that I won't get what I want by doing that. Free sex tube online.

He leads me back over to the bed and tells me to lie on my back, hands still over my head.

I do, and I feel the rope wrapping around my right wrist.

He weaves the rope through the headboard and comes around the bed to tie up my left wrist.

My legs are stretched apart and he does the same to each ankle. Sex cam7.

Finally, he comes around the bed and flicks my hard nipple with his tongue.

"Mmm," I moan.

I've been waiting so long for that.

My breasts are not large, a small B cup, but my nipples are super sensitive and there are times I've almost been brought to orgasm just from having them sucked and licked and played with.

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My master loves them and knows exactly what I like.

He wraps his tongue around one erect nipple, while he rolls the other one around with his fingers.

The feeling is incredible and I feel my clit pulsing between my legs in response.

He takes his hot mouth away and reaches down beside the bed. Bianca base porno.

I flinch as I feel cold ice placed on both of my breasts.

I shiver a little as I feel the cold water running down to my tummy.

Now I know what he left to get while I was waiting against the wall.

He moves to the bottom of the bed and I feel his hot breath over my smooth mound.

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As he removes the clamps from my lips I feel tingly as the blood rushes back into them.

His tongue licks it's way up my wet slit, not yet going inside where I so badly want it.

"Mmm, I'd forgotten how good you taste," he says, right before spreading my lips wide apart and putting his hot mouth right over my throbbing clit. 1 on 1 sex chat.

Wow, he holds his mouth over it, not doing anything, just heating me up with his mouth.

I shift a little trying to push myself against his mouth, so that he'll suck it like I so badly need.

Too late, I pull away remembering that this is his show not mine.

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He stands up and says, "What was that?" "I'm s-so sorry sir," I stutter, my voice trembling with how close I was.

"You just make me feel so good.

" "Well for that you will not cum until I say.

Do you understand?" "Yes sir," I say sadly.

My body is so ready. Moscow girls who want to fuck.

I feel like one touch from him and I will explode.

It's so hard for me to hold back but I know that I am his and I don't have a choice.

He moves his mouth towards me again and takes my clit into his mouth.

But this time his mouth has ice inside.

At first it is shocking, feeling it against my hot clit, but then it starts to feel so good.

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Too good.

As he licks me with his cold tongue it feels incredible.

I am moaning louder and louder.

He knows where I am headed and he takes his head away.

I moan, "Oh please sir.


Please eat my pussy.


" "Ok, but you must ask me before you cum.

" "Yes sir. Veronika8905 live sex vedio call in usa.

I will.

Please, please do what you were just doing.

" He takes another piece of ice in his mouth and continues to eat me.

Free sex private chat no registration.