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You remember that, do you?Lauren teased.

And here I thought you were so drunk that you forgot all about it.

Jason’s response was swift and clear.

Hell no! Free shemale fucking shemale porn. I’ll never forget that wedding reception.

You were such a good sport, letting me dance two slow dances in a row with you while your husband waited off to the side with the other guests.

I see you remember it well too.

His eyebrows raised as he finished speaking. Fucked in kissimmee.

It’s hard for a bride to forget the best man at her wedding – my husband’s best friend – grinding his hard cock into me during two long slow dances at my own wedding Jason.

No, that’s not something I’m likely to forget.

Jason’s eyes danced with excitement as he remembered it.

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As I recall, you didn’t pull away from me.

In fact, by the end of that second dance, you were pushing back against my cock pretty hard too.

Is that what you remember Jason? Well, if it makes you feel good, go ahead and think of it that way. Pron linesex.

But let’s be clear about this.

I danced two dances in a row with you so I could steer you off to the side where you could walk away from me with your state of arousal, and desire for the bride, a little more discreetly than you could have if the entire crowd had seen your budding erection. Contact lincolnshire milf for sex.

I was just looking out for you and my husband that night.


Nothing more.

Jason’s deep chuckle sent Lauren’s pussy into a clinch, just as his hard cock on her wedding night had done the same thing as she pressed against it. Live webcams of hot women.

She thought it was just the abundance of alcohol at her wedding that dulled her senses and resolve, but she would never admit to him that he was right, and she had ground back on his cock during those dances, feeling like a very naughty girl with a dirty secret, which simply made it all the more exciting. Najlepsze strony porno.

Jason interrupted her thoughts.

Hey, I could have had you that night if I wanted to.

Holding his hands up to stop her protests before they started, he quickly changed tack. Sexygirlxxxforyou single webcam adualt chat.


But that’s neither here nor there,he said, while waiving his hands.

Just know that I had no seduction in mind for my best friend’s new bride that evening.

Unlike some other weddings I’ve attended.

Had she pondered his emphasis on the word that evening,she might have stopped and fled, realizing that he had no such qualms about seducing her now. Wife gets stoned and fucks.

Instead, it was his reference to the seduction of other brides that grabbed her attention.

That little tidbit of information succeeded in diverting Lauren’s questioning. Live nude girls sex.

What do you mean ‘unlike some other weddings’? Have you tried to seduce the bride at other weddings?Lauren was aghast – yet strangely aroused.

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