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Angel looked over at her husband, and said: "Sit in that chair, and listen to sounds of his dick slopping in and out of my hungry hole.

" She came so fast it surprised me, I'd only pushed my cock in and out of her for maybe a minute, but she definitely wanted more. Skype free sex number.

I got a good stroke going and she was able to knock out a few more in short order.

Angel would look over at her husband each time she came with a cruel smile.

She'd move her head with a rocking motion, open her mouth and wiggle her tongue at him.

"Now watch as he shoots his load in me.

" Angel said, and started grinding harder against me, whispering, "Cum in that pussy, cum in that pussy!" I came pretty hard, and she laughed and gripped me tighter with her legs as I bounced around like I always do, my head snapping around, trying to stay aware of where she was, not wanting to hit her in the face with my head.

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I'd given a girl a bloody nose once so I'd learned to pay attention.

She loved it.

I stayed on top of her, semi-hard, giving her short, light strokes as I waited to get hard again.

Angel giggled.

"I can feel him starting to drip out of me honey.

It's so good. Free sex cams without registering facility.

Maybe I'll have you clean me up.

" I decided to give Phil a break from the abuse and started giving her wet kisses, partly to keep her quiet, and partly because the kissing was good.

I started fucking her.

My dick was just hard enough to stroke her, and it got rock hard again pretty quick. Just for sex dating.

By now I had started to feel a very odd combination of horny, mean, fucked up.


I also just plain felt bad for Phil.

He seemed like he was into this somehow, but mainly because Angel was into it, and it pleased her so he'd do his part.

Don't ask me where that feeling or sense came from. Teen feet webcam porn.

I'd never really played with a woman like Angel before.

The wives or girlfriends would at least pretend the guy was somewhat in charge, or an equal partner.

As my grinding stroke got faster, Angel started moving in rhythm.

She put her mouth next to my ear and started whispering to me. Busty buffy fucked.

Saying nasty shit about me and herself and how much she loved the fucking, and cheating.

Angel told me how much she loved the crazy way I came and wanted to see it again.

Angel pushed me away slightly and looked over at Phil.

"I really like fucking other men baby, but you knew I was a whore when you married me.

" I think she had a real sense of my mood, and shut up.

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I started babbling things back at her, I only remember a few things, because those few things were really turning her on.

"The only pussy better than whore pussy is cheating whore pussy, you cheating fucking slut.

" A bit of paraphrasing, but you get the general drift. Hottydolly real live sex no payment.

Phil must have started to leave because she told him to get his ass back in his chair, and he said he had to pee.

I'd freaked out for a moment that Angel would tell him to stay and piss himself.

"Okay, but get back here right away.

" She'd told him to my relief. Jennifer aniston porno.

When her husband came back in the room Angel told him to get undressed.

Then she made him lay across the top of the bed so she could prop her back upon his stomach, with his erect dick near her face.


Once in a while, Angel would nonchalantly suck on his cock, almost absent-mindedly. Fuck asian women syracuse.

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't exciting to watch her turn her head and suck Phil's dick once in a while as I fucked her.

She'd look me in the eyes, and get a mischievous look, turn and make slurping sounds while she sucked his cock, and turn back to me. Senior casual sex in garrison kentucky ky.

Angel's eyes were slits, mouth slightly open, her chin would drop, as her head and body shook lightly as I fucked her, once in a while she'd nonchalantly turn her head and lick his dick.

Then she'd and turn back to me again looking like a nasty Roman Empress with her fuck toys. Ukrainian girls webcam.


That went on for some time, me fucking her while she used him to lean against or turned to suck on his dick every now and then.

Angel said something about liking to suck cock when she fucked, especially in front of her husband.

I could tell this had started heading into an even meaner place, so I told Angel to let him go back to his chair. Free lesbian porn webcam.

I said it in a stern and dominant way, but I just wanted him to move away and not encourage her.

I don't remember what Angel said then exactly, just the gist.

It was really fucked up and the woman very well could have been just making shit up to get herself off and freak me out at the same time.

"I have friends over sometimes and make hubby watch and clean up all their loads.

" Her head fell back, and she laughed.

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She raised her face to mine, daring me to disapprove, and I just smiled, I couldn't help it, I don't know why.

Angel's face softened and she put her arms around my neck and gave me hungry kisses like my lips were food.

She was jacked up like she was on drugs, heroin, not coke. Sport lady webcam porno.

Who knows, maybe she was.

Angel would turn to Phil once in a while, and get a bored look and say degrading shit, looking disdainful, then she'd look back at me, her upper teeth over her bottom lip.

She'd lift her head, and give me a craven look, as if to say, I own that fucker. Www 3gb usa sex video.

Then she'd put her face close to mine, looking at me with weird affection, and lust.

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