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I felt something else make contact with my cheeks.

Shaun was kissing me.

His lips pursed onto my skin, then my neck.

I whimpered, I writhed as his tongue slid along my flesh.

I was moaning into the ball gag, my teeth clamped onto the plastic hard and I continued to writhe as his hands explored my body. Pornoanimals sex.

I wanted to take my hands from behind my back but I was still cuffed.

I wanted to grab onto his member and force every inch down my throat and swallow his cum, but I was still gagged.

My skin was on fire, I was sweating and breathing heavily, we hadn’t even really started and I was already more turned on than I had ever been in my life.

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I don’t even know what came over me when I thought it was a good idea to lean my head in to try and kiss him.

I still had my ball gag in, why was that something I thought was a good idea? I was so turned on I was losing my mind.

What do you think you’re doing? Sexchat free no sing. My god, his green eyes and his five o’clock shadow were making my stomach do back flips.

His strong jaw-line was making me want to be his little slut.


I attempted to reply but instead just released more spit from inside my mouth, my tongue searched around behind my lips for somewhere to rest.

Fucking tips for women.

You want to kiss me? Is that it? he questioned forcefully.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to answer, will I be punished? Fuck it, I really want to be punished.


I moaned as I nodded my head.

Okay then.

I’ll take this ball gag out, and I will let you kiss me. Sophia davis webcam.

You’ve just misbehaved, but I think because you went to the extra effort to turn up looking like an expensive whore, you deserve a treat.

Oh god, my heart is pounding again, I want to tell him to shut up and kiss me already.

I want his spit in my mouth, I want him to slide his tongue along me. Movie sexy xx.


But it’s going to cost you afterwards, okay?.

Mhhhm, mmmphm, mmmm! Yes, anything.

Just please let me kiss you.

Alright then, you said it.

He unbuckled the ball gag from around my face.

My jaw rested back into its normal position.

I’d lost a large amount of the lip gloss on the ball itself, that and the fact that I had been secreting spit from in-between my lips the entire time. Sexxykitten lesbian porn chat free no sign up.

Oh my god Shaun you are so fucking hot.

I couldn’t contain myself.

This was a completely surreal situation.

Here I was, a normal guy who plays sports and hangs out and socialises with normal people, on my knees in lingerie made to feel like Shaun’s personal sex toy.

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He pulled me by my collar to a standing position and then fell back onto the bed.

He pulled my leash so I fell on top of him, I spread my legs above his abs, I could feel his throbbing cock pressing against my ass through his briefs and my panties.

My arms were still handcuffed behind my back but it didn’t stop me from leaning forward and pressing my lips against his. Live sex chat without any credit nor charge.

It was sloppy and messy, our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

We found ourselves breathing heavily, I moaned into his lips.

His hands caressed my ass, he was so much broader than I thought he was, in this position I truly felt quite small in comparison to him.

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I grinding my ass into his member and he inhaled sharply with the pleasure it caused.

Upon this I felt my hair being pulled once again, my face was yanked sharply away from his.

My face was still covered in spit, my lips were drenched in drool.

Some of it dripped onto Shaun’s lip, he licked it off and gave me an evil grin. Sexpornstar photo.

Now for your punishment.

I was visibly excited; the pre cum leaking from my cock had caused a wet patch in my panties.

He bit my shoulder hard.

Aaaaaahhhhhmmmmpphhhh, fuck Shaun.


I scrunched my face into a ball hard to try and contain how painful it was.

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He pushed me to one side and arose from the bed.

What? He better not be leaving, I need his cock inside me.

I haven’t even seen his cock yet, this can’t be it.

He removed his boxers.

Revealing 7 and a half inches of throbbing, uncut, smooth, erect cock.

My mouth was watering. Free sex chat in leominster no sign up.

He came back to where I was laying and un-cuffed me with key he’d just picked up.

Lie on your back, with your head dangling off the side of the bed.

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