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Relax that asshole and take my cock," Marcus purred.

Soon the in and out stoking brought Jennifer to another orgasm.

She never though a cock in her ass would be so wonderful. Webcam online hot.

She had to have more.

"More! More! Oh! Marcus! Fuck my ass," she screamed.

Then Marcus pulled the cock out of her ass and re-inserted it into Jennifer's whore cunt.

The change gave Jennifer another orgasm.

The fucking continued.

Ben moved forward and placed his now stiff cock to Jennifer's mouth. Angelohek09 borealis webcam.

She eagerly took it and started sucking.

"Your face is just another beautiful cunt, now, momma!" Ben said.

Ben removed his cock and lay down on the couch.

"Come on top of me, momma!" Marcus demanded as he pulled Jennifer on top of him on the couch.

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Marcus pushed his cock into her cunt and started to fuck and kiss her.

Ben moved around behind and pushed his cock into her now gaping asshole.

Jennifer had another orgasm as two cocks plunged into her ass and cunt at the same time. Cheerleader porno fotos bravo teens.

Their pleasure poles were only separated by a thin membrane.

"Oh! That feels so fucking good!" Jennifer cooed.

"Two cocks at the same time are more than twice the pleasure.

Isn't that right, momma?" Ben said.

"Yes! Oh! Butt fucking wild. My! I love it.

Fuck me daddy.

Fuck your momma harder! I want to be your love-whore!" Jennifer moaned.

She came again.

Never had she felt so fulfilled.


Jennifer had gone black.

She could never go back now.

Both men continued to fuck her pleasure holes.

Jennifer was rocking back against the cock in her ass while feeling the cock in her cunt push in deeper. German adult webcam.

They fucked her for 45 minutes.

Ben came first, releasing a large load in her asshole.

Then Marcus rammed in deep.

Cum flooded into Jennifer's womb.

She came then passed out. Free live sex cam without log in.

To be continued.

Standing in front of them Gary watched Sandy’s and Melissa’s eyes fix on his cock as he slowly stroked his throbbing shaft.

He was horny enough to come in an instant, but he wanted to tease them as they had done to him. Hp webcam driver for windows 7 free download.

Another orgasm

He stroked himself slowly and fondled his balls, just as his wife had taught him when she made him do this in front of her.

The girls thought they were humiliating him by making him masturbate in front of them and then making him eat his own sperm. Chanelsweet ipad free live chat sex.

His wife had taught him a long time ago that doing so would not only please her but guarantee much more satisfaction from her.

And so he gave these girls what they wanted; finally succumbing to the pleasure of his fist and filling his cupped palm with his warm creamy cum. Black fuck bellevue nebraska lady.

They were mesmerized as he slowly lifted his hand and sucked that little puddle into his mouth and licked his palm clean.

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