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His eyes shot up at the small whimper of embarrassment that broke free, and he smiled at me, a hungry, self-assured smile that sent pinpricks all over my skin.

I tried to get my senses together and bolt back into the bathroom.

"Hello Jennifer," he almost growled, his voice deep and rich, "what pleasant surprises this room holds!" What do you answer in such a situation? Fort davis texas couples sex. I didn’t matter.

"My, aren’t you a naughty one, Jennifer Redstone!" I shuddered, his voice dripped over me like molten arousal.

But then my breath hitched.

His eyes went back to my diary, and he began to read aloud.

"This is the third day I’m wearing these panties, soaked with my juices, and I’m giddy and aroused each time I sit in these boring meeting with those dunderheads and their little games of importance.

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There’s nothing hotter than watching them fall over each other in clumsy attempts to get this beautiful woman’s attention, while only I know that this beautiful woman is just a little whore who wants to be taken, conquered by force, manhandled.

They are controlled by their pathetic, narrow minded libido while they have no idea about the constantly raging torrent of sexuality between my legs, about the naughty, depraved images that dance in my mind while I listen half-heartedly to their whining and posing. Alexis sky sex tape fetty wap.

I’m going to use those panties to pleasure myself tonight again, rub the fabric through my arousal, soak it until it drips, and they will never have the tiniest idea what depravity lies beneath this elegant woman’s skirt.

" My breath flew.


My nipples had turned into needle-sharp points. Katie morgan anal sex.

Mortification was too weak a word for the incredible shame that washed over my body in endless, heated waves.

I should have bolted, locked myself inside the bathroom, and if worst came to worst, cried out for help.

His other hand came into view, and there it was, the last incriminating evidence of my perversion, my soft, pink panties, and when he dangled them in front of him I could clearly see the crotch area, stained and crusty.

"Naughty, naughty girl.

" This rough voice again. Vikki vaughn porno.

Strong and frighteningly fascinating like a thunderstorm.

"Come here, Jennifer.

" He patted the middle of the bed.

His words were like a magic of their own, and I walked across the room in a trance, like a snake following its charmer’s melody.


Sirens sounded in my mind and were squelched by torrents of arousal from just a look of his determined chocolate eyes. Sexychubs18 girls sexxx with girls.

I lay down on my back, right there, only a hand’s breadth from him.

He smelled spicy and strong, and the proximity made me light-headed.

"Show me how you do it.

" Straight to the point.

I couldn’t! My mouth opened, but he had set down the diary next to me and put a finger to my lips, strong and hot and sending tiny sparks through their touch. Best deepthroat webcam.

My body went on autopilot, and my trembling fingers took the panties from his other hand.

I stared at him for long seconds, but instead of the mental struggle I expected there was only falling, falling into the big, dark vortex of his eyes, and my legs bent and pulled up on their own volition, spread themselves apart in a lewd display of wanton depravity.

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