Japanese sexy games.

Japanese sexy games.

I rushed some short, fast strokes and I knew I was about to come, too.

I held it back a final few seconds and the pressure soared.

My first spurt gushed into my daughter’s pussy before I could pull out.

The next long stream surged across her tummy and her arm as she quickly guided my cock back inside her cunt, where I pulsed more come. Emma-ivan www indai sex vidao com.

We lay there without speaking.

I was breathing hard.

Come leaking from her cunt tickled my balls.

My stomach brushed her come-wet skin.

I kept my weight off her, but my cock remained inside her pussy while it relaxed, until it finally fell out and more come trickled to the bed.

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She looked up at me with her sparkling smile and blue eyes I no longer saw as innocent.

I feared what she might say, accusations or scorn or a threat to tell mom, but what she said was, Oh, Daddy, that was the best present ever, even better than I thought it would be! Www video sex valnat com. I love you! Can we go to the Hard Rock now? After the strangeness of the past hour, sure, why not? We could have tapas tomorrow.

What do we do now? I ask smiling.

We are still bent over the bed, with our new toys in our respective asses.

Well, we leave them in a while and then take them out.

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So, why don't we go watch some of the new Netflix series to pass the time, he says, pulling me off the bed by the hand.

I grab my favorite soft blanket and follow his fine newly-stuffed ass to the couch.

Our butt plugs are snug as a bug in a rug in their new homes. Teen twink webcam.

Hottie husband makes a mad grab for the remote (as usual) and finds our series, then hits pause.

What did you pause it for? Instead of answering, he pulls me across his lap and yanks my lounge pants … that I had just pulled back up … back down.

Hey, what … He interrupts me saying, You have a spanking coming for your naughtiness in the bedroom.

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It was an accident, I pout, trying to protect my white bottom, which wants to stay white.

And my plug is in.

It might hurt with that thing inside.

Well, you should have thought about that before you battle-rammed MY plug inside ME! And with that, he brings his big hand down hard on my bottom. Toilet cams porno.

Smack! Oh.



Oh my goodness, I felt it.

I felt it move in my bottom, I shriek, trying to determine if I like it or not.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! I grab his leg squealing, Oh my God! That feels … really good … I think.

I mean I feel it vibrate with each spank.

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Again! Again! I feel my nerve endings firing everywhere below my waist.

I really can't adequately describe what this newfound sensation is doing to me.

Honey, really? You are actually liking it? he yells, not able to hide his disappointment.

Yes, I guess I am, I say smiling, wiggling my reddening bottom for more. Breaking ben webcam.

He surprises me by sliding his hand down my butt crack and pulling out my plug with a little pop.

I jump a little on his lap at the sensation.

Why did you do … Before I can finish, his hand comes down hard on my bottom causing me to yelp.

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My dear, if I decide to go farther with you, I need to know I can trust you to control those naughty impulses of yours. Sex gallery stories.

You could possibly tear me if you get another urge to just ram stuff in my ass.

And this spanking is not supposed to be a pleasurable one.

So, I will reinsert your plug, you were seemingly enjoying after I have given you cause to be more careful the next time you come near my ass. Freeonlinevideosexchat.

And with those words, he spanks my bottom good.

I beg and plead and he ignores me.

We even wrestle a little at one point as I try to lift my aching bottom off his lap.

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I, of course, win on beauty and intelligence, but he wins on pure brute strength.

As I lie on the couch rubbing my stinging, crimson bottom, I decide to handle hottie husband’s ass play with a little more sensitivity in the future.

~~~ A couple of weeks go by with us plugging each other daily. Indian fuck kairot.

We wear our plugs a little longer each day.

According to our research, this is called, Ass Training.

I giggle a lot when I think about this new adventure of ours.

Of course, we feel very intimate and frisky with each other, experiencing these new things together. Live sex chat on mobile.

And trust me, the research is fun.

Japanese sexy games.