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I took a hefty gulp from my cup, almost draining it, to hide my embarrassment at my bold actions.

Hey Troy, you’re out of booze, man, Chris called from the kitchen.


Okay, who’s riding shotgun with me to the store? Troy asked.

I’ll go, Jace volunteered, moving Lauren’s legs off his lap, as he rose from the sofa. Free jamaican sexdating com.

I wanna grab some snacks.

I got unsteadily to my own feet, intending to also go with them.

Hey Nadia, why don’t you stay here.

Get to know everyone a little better while we’re gone? Jace asked me.


After the guys had left, I made my way slowly to the kitchen, intending to get a glass of water. Girl teen sex and submission.

The rum had gone to my head, and I knew I was going to have to drive home later, so I needed to start sobering up.


As I leaned against the sink, drinking down my second glass of water, Lauren came into the kitchen.

She stood in the doorway, effectively blocking my exit, cornering me. Dubay allowed nude livesex chat.

So, she started, how do you know Jace? Um….

We’re just old friends.

Like he said earlier.

How did you meet? In high school.

Did you ever date? she continued to interrogate me.

I didn’t know where this line of questioning was going, but she was making me nervous. Threesome sex clips.

I wasn’t sure how to answer her, and my fuzzy brain wasn’t helping.


I said, quietly.

I thought so.

Did you think you would get back together with him tonight or something? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Riiight, she sneered, dragging the word out, stalking closer to me.

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Well listen up, bitch, I’m his girlfriend, so you can stop those little fantasies now.

He’s with me, and it’s going to stay that way, got it? I don’t know why you’re telling me all this I said, backing away from her.

I saw how you looked at him.

How you’ve been watching him all night. Natali336 sex and fuck in skype cam online now 2019.

I’m not stupid.

Just remember what I said.

He’s mine, so keep your hands, and eyes off my man.

she finished her warning, by pushing me hard in the shoulder, before turning away, and leaving the kitchen to rejoin the others in the living-room.


Possessive much? Livesexchat com. I thought.

I stayed in the kitchen for five minutes, trying to calm down from Lauren’s verbal attack.


I went back into the living-room, and hung out for about fifteen more minutes, feeling Lauren’s death glare on me the whole time.

I was feeling really uncomfortable. American sex webcam.

I hope they get back soon, I thought.

After another five minutes had passed, I decided that I couldn’t stick around anymore, and left to head home.

As I was halfway down the driveway, Troy and Jace pulled up and parked.

You’re not leaving now, are you Nadia? Young girls having rough sex free pics. Troy asked, over the top of his car.

Yeah, sorry.

I’m getting kind of tired and I really shouldn’t drink anymore if I’m going to drive home.

That’s too bad, Troy said, looking a little disappointed, as he came around the car.


Jace leaned over and said something to him, before handing his bags off to have Troy to carry into the house. Angel of sex full movie.

I’ll walk you to your car, Jace said, walking over to me.

He slung his left arm around my shoulders as we walked to my car.

Before you go, I wanted to talk for a bit.

He said, turning towards me.

I leaned against the driver’s door, crossing my ankles, folding my arms under my chest. Breast slave masturbate dick and fuck.

What do you want to talk about? I asked.

You’re not seeing anyone right now are you? Why should you care? You have a girlfriend.

I replied.

Then added under my breath, an extremely possessive one.

Yeah, I know, but I’m not asking for me.

Troy told me earlier, when we were out, that he likes you.

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I told him I would find out if you were seeing anyone.

No, I’m not dating anyone at the moment.


A huge smile stretched across his face.

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